A brand is a genuine reflection of its company culture.

"One of the most highly anticipated culture and branding books of 2018." - Business.com

"Before we are brand marketers, before we are strategists, before we are professionals of any sort, we are human, so our customers." - Adam H. Director of Civic Technology

"Adam and Hank have offered a way forward in this book for every leader and organization aspires to create great results by engaging their people." - Pamela S. VP, HCM

"The target for any marketer is to truly find a balance of smart risks based on audience insights - the audience is always moving and so our storytelling must move with it." - Linda B. CMO

The Authors

Adam Fridman

"I believe in making a conscious choice to pursue purpose."

Hank Ostholthoff

"I believe in inspiring the possibilities of people"

Cases & Contributors

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