The client.

AIRSYS is a leading international air-conditioning equipment supplier for ICT (information and communication technology) and medical imaging and diagnostic equipment. Its main products include air-conditioning units and central cooling sources for data centers, telecom shelters, and other industrial applications.

The opportunity.

AIRSYS realized that their global market was growing tremendously, and with seven independently operated subsidiaries, they were having trouble remaining consistent across each market.

The outcome.

AIRSYS asked Mabbly to create a unified global brand vision that would unite and excite the organization as they continued to support top technology companies across the world.

Data-driven creative strategy.

We took a deep dive into the AIRSYS business, working first to understand and align long-term objectives. We performed a marketing analysis to better understand the buying journey and benchmark against the competition. Then, we started building a scalable brand.

Unifying the brand around the globe.

We created an identity system and consistent style across the digital experience to support subsidiaries and scale across products and geographies. We also took on print collateral, leveraging our initial creative vision to develop an integrated experience at every touchpoint.