2015 Mobile Marketing Trends Among Small Businesses

Mobile Marketing Trends

Some industries move faster than others. Some things are done the same way for ages, and others change moment to moment. Digital marketing is one of the things that is constantly growing and changing, as it is connected to technological developments (especially consumer-facing ones), which are currently progressing at an increasing rate. This means, as a small business, you have to be reviewing and tweaking your digital marketing strategy as trends shift.

It’s a big world and it seems likes big businesses can win the marketing war on such a large front; however, 2015 is poised to be the year that small businesses win over local markets. The development of geo-targeting technology and the prevalence of geo-tagging in social media has set the stage for a local effect from a global platform. After all, more than 70 percent of social media activity happens on a mobile device and now there are location links available, not to mention beacon technology that lets you talk to customers that walk by your door.

Facebook is limiting organic search, making it nearly nonexistent in favor of paid advertising, so small businesses are transitioning their focus to email marketing. Email marketing was once reported to be fading out, but that is proving not to be entirely true. Constant Contact reports that on Cyber Monday 2014, it sent out more than 365 million emails. No matter how prevalent social media becomes, there are still more people using email and the channel is much more direct than on media platforms.

This real-time mobile marketing stream lets B2C business communicate directly and instantly with customers from smartphone to smartphone. Before a large snowstorm, a mechanic can take a take a picture of a new shipment of heavy-duty windshield wipers and anti-freeze, and send it directly to customers’ inboxes.