3 Reasons to Outsource Digital Marketing (and Most Other Non-Core Positions)

A growing staff is exciting and can be a good sign for the progress of the company. However, premature growth by hiring people you don’t really need takes your company in the wrong direction and gives you a false sense of growth. Small businesses should primarily outsource all positions that are not crucial to the business model. For example, if you run a daycare, you need to hire people to take care of children. Then you can outsource your IT needs, legal counseling, cleaning service, and digital marketing force. There is no need for you to hire full-time employees to meet these and other needs.

Your small business can hire a specialized digital marketing firm with more experience and resources in their field for the same budget of hiring one full-time employee to do this job in-house. If digital marketing is not your core business, there’s really no reason to build up this staff.


We just touched on this point, but let’s elaborate. The one digital marketing employee that you hire will not and cannot do everything that an agency can do. One person cannot have all the expertise and skills of a team, so you’ll end up outsourcing a portion of their work anyway, but you’ll also have an additional salary on your leger. This person is also going to need additional money to buy ads and try new tricks in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

This education is going to come out of your pocket, too. It is vital to keep your digital expert ahead of the game and provide them with the tools to learn in the industry. However, this education will not directly generate any additional revenue for you or secure new clients. A good digital professional will leave you for an agency or competitor to receive more training, and you will have to eat the turnover cost.


The system is set up for failure if one case of the sniffles brings your digital marketing to a grinding halt. What happens to your digital marketing if your employee has a cold? What if they take a vacation? This creates a bottleneck situation, the problem of putting all of your eggs into one basket.


As we’ve said before, one person cannot possess the knowledge, experience, skills, and talent of an entire team. Your new hire may be a great graphic design, but can he or she write clear and compelling copy? The new hire may know how to write, but can they build a website? How about be a Photoshop master while building an app? Digital marketing agencies hire diverse professionals with different specialties – can your one digital marketing employee match up to that?