3 Tips to Minimize Stress about Managing Several Social Media Accounts

Frantically deciding which of your several social media pages require the most attention in order for your business to flourish in the online market? Well, aren’t we all? Stress is inevitable when managing a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, LinkedIn, Periscope, and Pinterest account for your business. You will often find yourself asking questions such as, “Should I be investing more time into my business’s Twitter account than Facebook account?” or “How do I create online exposure for my business?”:

1. Keep Your Customers Connected

Maintaining relevancy in your industry plays an enormous role in the success of your business. Your consumers want an efficient service from an online market with content that is relevant to what they are looking for. They want media that entices them, delivers direction, and allows them to make knowledgeable choices. With that being said, you need to create a channel that is, in essence, a personal conversation between you and your clients. As this “conversation” slowly begins to pick up traction, a connection between you and your audience is bound to develop. Thus, bringing you another step closer to success.

2. Create a Presence

Your goal should be to establish your presence in spaces where your customers will eventually be. But how do you do that? It is simple: Take the time to create fantastic and relevant content for your customers. Not only will your customers enjoy your content and find it important to continue reading, Google will rank you higher on their SERP (search engine results page). Thus, giving your business more exposure, and further establishing your online presence. Additionally, once your clients are given the excellent content they deserve, they will instantly feel connected to your business. Therefore, in order to create an online presence, you must know your business, and more importantly, your audience.

3. Know Which SM Page is Relevant to Your Business

According to Forbes, “72% of Twitter followers are more likely to make a future purchase after following or engaging with a brand on Twitter.” So, chances are your business absolutely needs a convincing Twitter page. Forbes goes on to state: “According to Adobe’s Social Intelligence Report, revenue per visit from Twitter is $0.62.” Simply put, Twitter can be extremely beneficial. With 73% of Twitter users shopping online each month, it is clearly essential to have a recognized Twitter account.

Prioritize your time and do research about each of the social media sites you currently use. Perhaps you will discover that Snapchat, Periscope, or other social media sites that you use are not commonly used and are not needed in order to thrive in your industry.

When you are on the grind for success, you will occasionally feel the stress of keeping up with your competition, establishing a name for yourself, and giving your customers what they want. But that is why social media was created: To simplify your life! So, use it your advantage and build your business from the ground up!