4 Great Apps for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Business doesn’t take place in the office anymore. You conduct your business from the walk into work, from the car, from the plane, from the restaurant, and everywhere in between. It’s the new pace of business and entrepreneurs can engage and lead their business from anywhere – with the right tools. Below are four great apps to help you stay on top of your game with just a tap on the screen.


inDinero is a great app for staying on top of your business finances without hiring an additional employee. inDinero takes care of accounting, filing corporate tax returns, and managing payroll – all from your tablet or smartphone. The app syncs to your bank accounts and credit cards, and predicts future cash flows. It’s your entire back office in the palm of your hands, and it is supported by a team of accounting, tax, and business professionals.

LinkedIn Pulse

The well-known LinkedIn site has created a Pulse app that allows you to personalize your news feed and aggregate only valuable stories. This lets you read what is important to your business and industry without wasting time and wading through distractions. You can also upload the articles to read them while you’re offline. LinkedIn Pulse also lets you seamlessly share stories with your LinkedIn network.


Mynd is like a little personal assistant in your pocket, anticipating your needs before you think of them. The app’s site says that Mynd is a “calendar with a brain.” If you have a meeting with a stranger scheduled on your calendar, Mynd will automatically pull up their LinkedIn information for you. It also alerts you when it is time to leave for a meeting based on real time traffic and transport reports.


Expensify’s goal is to create “expense reports that don’t suck.” This may sound like a tall order since expense reports, in general, suck. Expensify lets you take a picture of receipts on your smartphone or tablet and then create uniform expense reports for the accounting department (or whoever is in charge of this). The app automatically populates the expense report with data that it has scanned and pulled off the receipt for you. The best part is that the receipt photos and expense reports created in this app meet standards for filing taxes so it saves you another step there.