4 Key Things to Consider When Creating Your Holiday Social Media Plan

There is still time left in the holiday season to create and launch successful social media campaigns to boost business through the end of the year. You have spent all year developing a social media following and strong digital presence, and now is the time to capitalize on it. Social media activity sees a spike during this time of year, with customers reaching out to businesses and vice versa. Mabbly has four key factors for you to consider when putting together the most effective social media campaign.

  1. Quality

Meaningful content is key to driving a social media campaign, or just maintaining a strong presence online. However, this is particularly true during the holidays. During this time of year, inspirational posts, signs of kindness, and funny images are more likely to get liked or shared on social media platforms. You can dare to dream to create the next viral post, but in the meantime you can still infuse regular discount and product/service messages with interesting content. Don’t forget to be brief, use active language, have a call to action, and link to your site.

  1. Images

All signs point to images driving social media engagement. Data shows that using images greatly increases interaction on every social media platform (Instagram is probably a given). Include an image or video in all Facebook and Pinterest posts, and work them into as many tweets and LinkedIn posts as possible. You can take the shot with your smartphone or get a subscription to a low-cost image site.

  1. Platform

There are a lot of digital marketing options and your time will already be limited during the holidays. Not all businesses need to market heavily on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Consider your target demographic, the people in your market, and stick with two to three platforms. When using Facebook, create targeted, promoted posts to get traction. Organic reach on Facebook is dying out so set a budget when proceeding on this site.

  1. Time

The best time to post on social media depends on your small business, much like choosing the best-suited platform. Generally, posts are most successful on weekdays at midday. As a rule of thumb, post to Facebook three to five times a week, a few times a day on Twitter, and one a week on LinkedIn. Monitor your social media analytics daily to track traffic and adjust your plan accordingly.