4 Powerful Truths of Small Business Digital Marketing

The digital marketing landscape changes as quickly as your business, and it can be difficult to stay up-to-date on the state of the market. Below are four powerful truths of small business digital marketing that many overlook, or simply don’t know.

1. Content is king

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, or where you are, content is the single most important aspect of digital marketing. Content is king and the reign is not ending anytime soon. If you boil it down, the internet itself is content. Content means articles, blogs, images, websites, infographics, social media status updates (and tweets, pins, and posts), videos, and more. Many people use the term content marketing interchangeably with digital marketing, so make sure you’re producing content consistently, and that it’s good.

2. SEO is alive and kicking

Publications love to herald the death of SEO, but in reality it hasn’t gone anywhere and likely it won’t as long as internet searches exist. SEO has, however, changed. Google updates its algorithm daily and every few months the change is large enough to shake up the entire ranking system as it exists at that time.

3. Mobile optimization is vital

The rate of online searches has skyrocketed just like social media use in the palm of your hand. Even Google’s algorithm now takes into account how mobile friendly your site is, regardless of whether the search is being conducted on a desktop browser or a mobile browser. Why wouldn’t you want your site to have mobile optimization? It’s the wave of the future and it is here already.

4. It costs money

Simply put, you get what you pay for (so imagine what free gets you). People see things like organic traffic and so-called SEO hacks and thing that this will make any considerable difference to their business, but it is not true. Digital marketing, like everything else, costs money. It takes money to generate and publish content, develop social media strategy, and hire knowledgeable professionals. The upside is that digital marketing, when done right, can deliver a strong ROI that surpasses traditional marketing techniques of the past.