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4 Tips to Providing Stellar Customer Service on Social Media This Holiday Season

Many small business owners are launching social media campaigns for the holiday shopping season. This typically means Facebook posts, tweets, and possibly even coordinated Pinterest boards. When using social media to draw customers this holiday season, take time to use it to provide customer service, as well. After all, reports show that more than 64 percent of shoppers turn to their social media feeds for gift ideas and to find the best deals. Below are four tips to use your social channel to give your customers extra TLC this winter.

  1. Timing is key

Social media is about instant communication so letting a comment sit, whether it is positive or negative, is not a good look, as it doesn’t meet customers’ expectations. Respond to every compliment, complaint, and query quickly and kindly.

  1. Since not saying anything is not an option, say something nice

Sooner or later an angry tweet or post is going to come your way and it is crucial that you handle it with tact. In addition to ornery business owners flying off the handle on social media and becoming laughingstocks, studies show that customers are 71 percent more likely to recommend a business after having a positive experience with the company on social media.

  1. Pretty sells

Spruce up posts with a variety of holiday-themed images. Attractive pictures are always useful, but holiday images trigger people’s attention as they already have the season in mind.

  1. Helpful is useful

Publish posts that will help your customers through the holiday season. Having an early sale and see premium, limited parking available nearby? Tell everyone you can. Studies show that customers who engage with a business via social media typically spend 20 to 40 percent more there.

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