5 Tips for Landing A Digital Marketing Job

5 Interview Tips That Will Help You Land Digital Marketing Job

“Competition for top jobs is fiercer than ever as new college graduates compete with seasoned professionals for the best positions,” notes career coach and speaker Ford R. Myers, author of Get The Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring.

As the president of Career Potential, LLC, Myers helps his clients take charge of their careers by creating the work they love and earning what they deserve.

While his five tips for landing a job are aimed at recent college graduates, they can also apply to anyone and everyone seeking rewarding employment—especially if it’s in the fast-paced and ever-changing field of digital marketing.

Be Prepared

Every candidate expects their potential employer to take note of their resume and online presence. But by the same token, you too must do the same by researching everything you can about the companies you want to work for. Be aware of their mission and goals and learn to speak their language so you can best converse with them on an interview.

Network, Network, Network

In today’s digital marketplace, many jobs are no longer posted on websites or printed in want-ads. Create a list of the places you’d like to work for and follow them on social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn where you’re more likely to hear about their latest job openings.

Market Yourself

Just because you are the most qualified candidate for a position, doesn’t mean you’re going to get the job. Possessing relevant skills, having the right experience or major accomplishments make one a strong candidate. But to seal the deal, you’ll have to help the employer connect the dots by explaining why you are the one to hire for the position and the company.

Negotiate Nicely

Since an employer’s first offer is seldom their best offer, don’t be afraid to negotiatea little. It may sound strange, but they may even be disappointed if you don’t since they’ll assume you haven’t done your salary research or are a weak and timid candidate.

Keep Learning

As mentioned, the digital media market is always changing. To keep up with the latest trends in advertising, marketing and public relations, you’ll have to continuously build your credentials and knowledge—even after you’ve landed your dream job!