7 Brands that Nailed Their Promise and Purpose Rollout

Many brands claim to have a purpose, but they fall short when it comes to actually delivering on it. How many companies claim to be “the best” in their industry, but can’t back up their claims with positive customer testimonials and other relevant proof? Having a higher purpose is more than just a tagline. Being able to fulfill the promises you make is an important trait of a successful brand, and it gives customers something to believe in.

With that in mind, here are 7 brands that nailed their promise and purpose rollout, complete with examples to illustrate how they did this. You’ll recognize some of these national brands, but we’ve also included local Chicago brands who have succeeded with their promise and purpose rollout.


Barkbox is an early success story from the emerging subscription box market. Their target customer is the type of person who would do anything for their dog, and gets excited about buying them treats and toys. Barkbox wins new customers by being a convenience that doesn’t require a shopping trip, and by delighting customers with items they may not have considered on their own.

Their purpose is to create a tangible bond with their dog loving customers. They fulfill this promise by offering toys and treats customized by size, and by sharing relatable and engaging content that resonates on their social channels. This all comes together in events Barkbox organizes in major cities to physically bring dog lovers together. Barkbox also practices what they preach with a dog-friendly work environment.

joriki logoJoriki

Joriki distinguishes itself from the rest of the yoga apparel community with a focus on charitable giving, instead of how good a person’s butt looks in their yoga pants (although their clothes are cute).

As you might expect, they donate a portion of proceeds to one of the major charities they work with. But this brand really integrates philanthropy and culture into everything they do – the prints used in their apparel are inspired by the people they support with proceeds from sales.

Joriki’s purpose is accurately reflected in their tagline, “Look Forward, Give Back.” Their promise is fulfilled in the real dollars they funnel into the cultures that stand to significantly benefit from them.


Is there anything that fits the bill of inspired thinking more than TED talks? Their tagline is “ideas worth spreading,” but that’s really simplifying things. We shared some of our favorite TED talks for marketers awhile back, but recognize that inspired thinking happens across many different disciplines and topics. TED talks bring together people from many different professions and talents to give viewers a well-rounded and inquisitive view of the world.

If TED’s purpose is to inspire thinking, their promise is fulfilled in the events they host to bring people together and to record content that gets shared with people around the world.

gejasGejas Cafe

Did you know that the most romantic restaurant in the country calls its home Chicago, IL? Gejas Café is a fondue restaurant with an extensive wine list and an intimate feel that truly makes it the perfect spot for a romantic night out.

If their purpose is to inspire a romantic mood in customers, they fulfill the promise with a record number of over 16,000 engagements (and counting) that have taken place on site! Now that’s inspiring.


It’s quite hard to find someone who actually enjoys the process of air travel, which is why a company can easily stand out by improving the most stressful aspects of the experience. Southwest is a budget airline that pleases customers by doing just this – promising affordability without sacrificing comfort.

By opting to fly with Southwest, a customer can rest safe knowing that they can change their flight without hassle if necessary, and also knowing that their airfare includes the cost of baggage – no hidden fees! By taking the stress out of air travel, people can focus their thinking on more important things, like what they’re doing after they land.


Many major cities have a bike sharing program that residents and tourists can take advantage of. Bike sharing accomplishes a couple of important objectives:

  • Makes it easy to get exercise
  • Reduces the amount of cars on the street
  • Provides a fun and fast way to get to know a city

Divvy is a bike sharing platform in Chicago that goes above and beyond to fulfill the aforementioned purposes with their customers. First, they offer a multitude of places to dock bikes, so people don’t have to think too hard about where to drop them off. Second, it offers “valet” services at major events, so pople don’t have to stress if there isn’t a place to dock their Divvy. By going above and beyond for their customers, Divvy makes it possible to focus on more important things – like where you’re going!


Camelbak has a simple purpose, but fulfills their promise in a big way. Their main purpose is to keep people hydrated. Seems simple, right? But instead of just focusing on the standard ways people consume water, they reinvented the process.

Their signature water holding backpack style ensures that people are never without water, and that they don’t have to carry around a water bottle if they don’t want to. Camelbak’s promise to hydrate is fulfilled at the festivals they sponsor (like Lollapalooza), where they provide freshly filtered cold water to any and all thirsty attendees. Once this low level need on Maslow’s hierarchy is taken care of, people can focus on whatever activity is causing them to need so much hydration!

Go through this list of brands and what they stand for and take a step back. Can you clearly define your brand’s promise and purpose? Does your brand nail your promise and purpose rollout? If you’re sensing a disconnect, it may be time to reassess the core of what you stand for, and how it comes across in your promotional activities.