The Best Digital Brands That Conquered the Market in 2017

Digital is the new brick and mortar, or so it seems these days. With a wave of new content creators comes a movement of new brands that live solely in the digital space; most of which are killing it. Without having physical spaces, these brands rely on social media, word of mouth, and great user experience to survive. It is essential that they have a brand story that connects with their consumers through experience, design, and innovation. Here are some of the top digital brands disrupting not only their specific industries, but our culture as a whole.

Care/of Vitamins

Care/of is an digital brand that strives to deliver curated and authentic daily vitamin packs to users. Their mission surrounds the idea that everyone has a unique and personal path to wellness, and everyone needs a personalized regime that best suits their needs.

After taking an online quiz, your pack is created for you. Each vitamin, supplement or herb is rooted in transparency. From where it comes from to the benefits it holds, Care/of prides itself on sharing that journey with each user.

From their website, the mission of the brand is simple, as it should be. “We believe in the power of technology, science, and human empathy to make the journey simpler. Let us help take care of you.” It’s a mission anyone looking to better themselves can relate to, and the brand is sure to assure you that they’re on your side. It’s a comforting side to consumerism that isn’t seen often.

I’ve personally been using Care/of for the past couple of months and continue to be blown away by the benefits and also the overall brand itself. Each monthly box is designed with careful execution. There is a consistency to their minimalist branding that tells a story across all of their digital channels, something consumers can connect with. From their website to their Instagram, you know when you see content from Care/of.  

With a new app that was just released for their early adopters, the user experience continues and is elevated to a whole new level. With daily reminders to take your pack and rewards that are collected after completing streaks, it feels as though each consumer has a direct connection or relationship to the brand. (Which is kinda the goal, right?) The do digital so well.


Glossier began from founder Emily Weiss starting an online blog and editorial based platform called Into The Gloss– a place where consumers could came for advice on makeup, business, and everything in between. Glossier was born out of the need for no bull skin care and makeup line that was accessible to all, but exclusive in the same breath. Both beautifully designed, and consciously crafted, it’s no wonder these products have become a social media phenomenon.

Glossier, much like Care/of has a brand consistency that shines throughout every piece of content. Whether that’s editorials, ads, or social posts, Glossier has a polished feel with a “cool girl” kick that they own so proudly. While the brand is primarily online, Glossier has expanded its offering to a NYC-based showroom where customers can try out and purchase Glossier products.


Founded on July 11th, 2017, Brandless is a new shopping platform that lives exclusively online. Why are they cool? They’re brandless. The purpose behind the brand is to bring ethically conscious, great products to consumers without blurring perceptions by slapping a brand name on their products. Oh– everything is only $3. From granola to cleaning supplies, Brandless aims to be a more thoughtful and high quality option for your day to day grocery shopping.

“Our mission is deeply rooted in quality, transparency, and community-driven values. Better stuff, fewer dollars. It’s that simple.” It’s a mission consumers, especially millennials, can get behind in a consumer market that feels like everything we buy has to be “top of the line” and “name brand”, which isn’t the case. With high quality items at a great price point, there’s no room for debate.

Brandless is a prime example of new small businesses finding their voice and being rewarded for that voice. It’s inspiring to see brands that are creating with a more conscious mind are gaining fast traction and brand appreciation from this new generation of consumers.

Digital-only and digital-first businesses are taking a storm over social media with both millennials and other generations alike. Some other digital brands we’re currently crushing over include, BARK, and Everlane. Have some favorite digital-only or digital-first brands you’re loving? Tell us about it!