Blogs Are Dead. Welcome to the Age of Media Hubs.

At this stage we have completed 370 interviews with executive and marketing leaders to understand how they view the world of digital storytelling.  Many of the interviews will make an appearance in The Science of Story – Edition 1, to be released early 2017.  One of the reoccurring themes, however, is that blogs are dead.  Not may leaders view their blogs as anything more than content needed for SEO and to show that they are, well, alive.  Meanwhile, we have spoken to brands broadcasting their purpose through this new concept – Media Hub.  It is the age of the brand journalist; the time for brave brands to share what they believe via a digital magazine, podcast, video channel or by writing a book.  We have interviewed a number of media hubs listed below and will continue to update this list to keep it relevant.

Media hubs represent an evolution of owned media and brand thought leadership (blogs) in three ways:

  1. The content focuses on a higher purpose and related themes.
  2. It has a brand name like a publication, which makes it a destination that is easier for people to share and recall.
  3. It is a hub for like-hearted leaders to share their own unique insights through contributed stories, which you have the opportunity to cultivate into a powerful community. by Adobe

ABDE | Marketing | B2C

Adobe created in 2010 because, as a creative company, they wanted to create a marketplace for others to connect. Since its launch, Tim Moran has been the editor-in-chief and driving force behind refining the online media hub. Now, it is a place for CMO’s to gather and share ideas. According to Moran, it took time and Adobe’s backing for to get to where it is now. Essentially, it is “A digital marketing insights, expertise and inspiration for and by marketing leaders.”


OPENForum by American Express

AXP | Business/Growth | B2B

With its launch in 2007, OPENForum has been making big waves. To an extent, OPENForum was meant to be another form of a loyalty program, but American Express didn’t have a large enough foothold in the small business market at the time. Now, OPENForum has changed that perception. By offering tools and advice for small business owners, American Express has and will continue to profit off of their growth and extension into the entrepreneurial space, while engaging with and providing information for entrepreneurs.

birchbox_logoBirchBox Magazine by BirchBox

Beauty | B2C

Birchbox is a $10 a month beauty subscription service that delivers high-end samples to your door. After their booming subscription-model success, they started BirchBox Magazine, which focuses on teaching customers how to use beauty products in the proper manner. At the same time, BirchBox Magazine is able promote very specific products through their articles and advice.

canva_logoDesign School by Canva

Design | B2B/B2C

In 2014 Canva launched its blog, Design School, which was meant to educate new designers and further enrich the veterans. Conveniently enough, it also teaches users how to use Canva and all of its plug-ins. This media hub serves designers and their more analytical partners, marketers, by allowing them a space to come together and learn from each other. With articles on social media marketing, design, science, and template use, it covers every aspect of designing for the digital age.

hubspot_logoHubSpot Blog by HubSpot

096 | Marketing | B2C

The goal of HubSpot Blog is to provide sales and marketing information (through articles) that business people need to grow successful companies. This media hub is simply divided into two parts: Marketing Topics and Sales Topics. In each part, there is a stream of articles relating to those two general topics. The marketing section covers advertising, A/B testing, design, e-commerce, lead generation, public relations and many other topics.  The sales section covers inbound sales, hiring, management, sales pitches, sales training and many other topics.  There are many contributing authors who have experience in sales and/or marketing.  

lowe's_logoLowe’s Creative Ideas by Lowe’s

LOW | Home Improvement | B2C

Lowe’s media hub was created to inspire its customers with DIY project ideas, home makeover guides, decorating tips, and other home improvement ideas that encourage consumers to tackle their projects. Lowe’s merchandise is featured throughout the articles in order to not only promote their products, but to give inspiration as to ways consumers can use their products. In addition, there is also a Creative Ideas app with the same information formatted for mobile devices.  

microsoft_logoMicrosoft Stories by Microsoft

MSFT | Technology | B2C

Microsoft stories is a very visual collection of images and corresponding articles about places, people and ideas that inspire the people at Microsoft. Most of the stories are centered around Microsoft people or topics like the Microsoft office building, Microsoft employees, and products that are new and inspiring. Microsoft Stories targets the general public and is meant to share unique, inspiring stories about employees of Microsoft and others who have incorporated Microsoft into their lives. Through these incredible stories, Microsoft is also able to educate readers about their products and capabilities.

monetate_logoMonetate Resources by Monetate

IT | B2B

Monetate Resources houses a collection of articles relating to e-commerce, technology and marketing. Infographics, research and videos are included on the media hub and meant to be used as guidance for companies. The guides and e-books on the site are only available for download and users must provide personal information about themselves and their company in order to download them. Companies that need help or guidance would find this media hub especially helpful. This is a convenient online tool for businesses that offers personal help without the need for a one-on-one meeting for a lesson.   

nike_logoMargot vs. Lily by Nike

NKE | Sportswear | B2C

An eight-episode YouTube series, “Margot vs. Lily” is Nike’s latest initiative for marketing to the female market. Launched in January of 2016, the two main characters in the series, Margot and Lily, are having an exercise competition with one another. The storyline is used to motivate women to exercise and have fun while doing it. Product placements are sprinkled throughout the series, but do not overwhelm viewers. We can’t wait to see what Nike’s next content series will entail!

oculus_logoStory Studio by Oculus VR

Entertainment | B2C

In January of 2015, Story Studio took the virtual reality world and put it into something consumers could relate with. As a collection of virtual reality-related articles, Oculus gives readers a better understanding of what virtual reality is and how people can use it. “Henry,” Oculus’ new virtual reality film is featured on the media hub, along with an informational video which contains interviews with its producers, too. It has done a great job of bridging the gap between people who find it scary and just another futuristic consumer product, with the early adopters.

PG_logoP&G Everyday by P&G

PG | Home & Garden | B2C

P&G Everyday is a place where consumers can find coupons, samples, ratings, reviews, new products, ideas, inspiration, support, and knowledge about products. It is a promotional media hub, so many of the articles are centered around or somehow involved with P&G products. The main objective is to inspire readers to enjoy every day while using P&G products to help them do that. On the site, visitors can sign up to receive P&G samples in the mail. P&G is able to relate to their customers through this media hub, as they promote timely, seasonal, relevant articles that people can actually apply to their daily lives. Users see this media hub as a place to visit when they are looking for ideas or entertainment and have begun to view P&G as more than just a producer of consumer goods.

questtransition_logoQuest Nutrition Blog by Quest Nutrition

Food | B2C

The Quest Nutrition Blog’s community has been growing since 2012.  The media hub is divided into three sections: feature, recipes and transformations.  Topics covered all somehow relate back to health, nutrition and exercise. The Quest Nutrition Blog is a place for Quest to go beyond just selling their product — they share amazing weight transformations from Quest users, share fun recipes for customers to enjoy, and even share travel ideas. It is an expression of the Quest user “lifestyle” and encompasses all aspects of a lifestyle, not just how people use Quest products.

redbull_logoThe Red Bulletin by Red Bull

Entertainment | B2C

The Red Bulletin was started in 2009 and the American edition started in 2011. Every month, the magazine is published in five languages and distributed through subscriptions, newsstands, partners and digital. Content for The Red Bulletin includes global and local news on sports, culture, lifestyle and entertainment. Top writers and photographers are commissioned for the magazine. The Red Bulletin is composed of three sections: an introduction and photography section called “Bullevard,” a long story section called “Features,” and a section for shorter articles called “Action.”

ringcentral_logoRingCentral Blog by RingCentral

RNG | Communication | B2C

Since 2015, the RingCentral Blog has served as a place for experts to contribute articles about cloud computing, tech events, big data, mobile technology and business success. Business owners can visit this media hub to look for advice, guidance and information that can help them develop their business and foster success.  This media hub was also created as a place for experts to share their advice and stories in order to help newer, developing businesses.

salesforce_logoQuotable by Salesforce

CRM | Sales | B2C

Quotable was created in May of 2016 as a place for helpful and entertaining articles that benefit sales leaders, selling managers and sales representatives. It covers a wide range of topics in order to reach all levels of salespeople in a multitude of industries. Content for the media hub is produced by experienced salespeople who are considered experts in the industry and who want to share their expertise with sales teams that still need fine-tuning.  

SAPDigitalistMag by SAP

SAP | Business/Work/Innovation | B2B

Adapted from its blog, SAP launched DigitalistMag in 2015. The media hub is targeted toward C-level executives in digital industries and focused on how technology disrupts and enhances the business world. DigitalistMag also has a print publication, Executive Quarterly, which highlights major digital trends, companies and technologies that have already been featured in the DigitalistMag media hub. As a trusted online space, people are able to engage with top executives and provide the necessary information for companies to be successful in the world of technology.

Sub-Zero WolfFresh Food Matters by Sub Zero

Health | B2C

Fresh Food Matters was started in April of 2016 as a way to share why fresh food matters. Through influencer videos, information on foods that in season, analyzing the average person’s refrigerator, directions on how to store certain foods, and a #freshfoodmatters initiative that donate $5 every time the hashtag is used, Fresh Food Matters is a go-to for consumers. The money raised will help kids start 25 new gardens to grow fresh food, too. Sub Zero is doing more than just selling refrigerators by taking initiative when it comes to finding solutions to food issues and this media hub is a way for them to publicly share those efforts.

target_logoA Bullseye View by Target

TGT | Lifestyle | B2C

In 2015, Target’s Corporate site and “A Bullseye View,” which originally launched in 2011, merged together.  This put corporate and career information in the same place as celebrity interviews, fashion and beauty tips, videos, gifs and other multimedia content. Target’s social media posts are streamed on the site as well, bringing all social content to one platform. It also shares information through different mediums, while covering a wide range of topics — everything from exclusive celebrity interviews and unreleased commercials to closer looks at Target launch parties and corporate events.   

Titleist_logoTeam Titleist by Titleist

Golf | B2C

As a promotional site, Team Titleist focuses on golf news and updates, access to Titleist-sponsored professional golfer videos, as well as contributions from the site visitors.  Team Titleist members can interact with the Titleist golf community by engaging in posted discussions, posting their personal hole-in-one stories, participating in contests and sweepstakes, and making a Titleist product wishlist. The point of the media hub is to create a community for avid golfer to engage with each other and with the experts from Titleist. This in turn, keep golfers engaged and thinking of the company even during the off season.

williamssonoma_logoTaste by Williams-Sonoma

WSM | Culinary | B2C

Williams-Sonoma created Taste in 2011 to bring together friends and family to enjoy cooking and entertainment tips. Taste is a collection of recipes, information on food trends, and interviews with chefs and cookbook authors. Many posts are focused around seasons or holidays and emphasize a sense of tradition within cooking. The editorial team works with the Williams-Sonoma test kitchen to develop and test recipes that viewers can engage with.  

culturized_logoCulturized Magazine by Culturized

Professional Development | B2B

Culturized launched their media hub, Culturized Magazine, in 2016 as a way to connect with business leaders in Fortune 500 companies. While company culture may be thought of as just a popular buzzword, the Culturized Magazine aims to break down the components of culture, teamwork, and leadership in order to educate and inspire leaders into the idea that their team’s culture is just as important as the task at hand.

DANBDental Assistant Life by DANB

Medical | B2C

Earlier this year, DANB partnered with the DALE Foundation to launch their media hub: Dental Assistant Life. The site provides information for over 300,000 dental assistants nationwide.The blog topics mainly focus on career advice within the industry, but also offers a place for dental assistants to come together and discuss their concerns or ideas. It is a place for their profession to be celebrated, while sharing their own stories and learning from others who are experiencing similar things.  The intention of this media hub is to form a community for dental assistants to feel comfortable sharing idea, asking questions and interacting with other dental associates in a safe, familiar online community.  

lilly_logoLillyPad by Eli Lilly and Company

LLY | Professional Development | B2C

In 2010, Pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly launched their media hub, LillyPad. When it first hit the blogosphere, it was met with some backlash as it covered too broad of a spectrum of topics. After several years of growth, it now focuses mainly on medical and medical tax articles. Now that the company has streamlined its topics, it has become a place to engage in dialogue about public health policy.  Viewers are encouraged to join in conversations about medicine, the future of healthcare, corporate responsibility and making the world a healthier place. Eli Lilly and Company saw the need for an online community to discuss these issues and created LillyPad to fulfill that need.

Etsy logoEtsy Blog by Etsy

ETSY | Beauty/Clothing | B2C

In 2008, three years after it was founded, Etsy started its own blog. The blog is a place where users and sellers can look for inspiration, as well as participate in discussions. Often times, Etsy will feature blogs about their top sellers or easy DIY projects. Etsy’s mission is to make a platform backed by business power that values creative spirit and entrepreneurship.  The Etsy Blog goes beyond just transactions and dives deeper into vendor’s stories, purposes and big ideas. All in all, this helps them promote the products sold on their site and their vendors without seeming too pushy.  

forsythe_logoFocus by Forsythe

Professional Development | B2B

Forsythe is the leading IT company in the US. In 2016 they launched their online magazine Focus. The publication covers a variety of subjects, but always with an IT undertone. Focus acts as an education tool for everyone in IT, as well as C-suite level positions. The media hub, as many media hub have started to do, acts as a reinforcement of Forsythe’s knowledge of the IT world. If they can curate content, and then implement their own advice, clearly they must be good at what they do.

ge_logoWorld in Motion by GE

GE | World Wide News | B2C

GE launched World in Motion in May 2015. Why? Because brand familiarity is their main objective. Jason Hill, GE’s global director of media and content strategy, believes GE has high brand awareness, but not for everything the company does. In order to get out there and show the world everything GE can accomplish, World in Motion is a space where GE’s story can be told in a more comprehensive way, rather than an advertisement. World in Motion allows GE to “…explain the name behind the logo and its impact on the world.”


GE ReportsbyGE

GE | Science | B2C

GE launched its new platform, GE Reports as a way to keep current and future users informed about the company’s innovations. Each article covers a topic associated with GE. Be it business development, innovation, or overall growth. While World In Motion, another GE media hub, physically shows the countries and industries GE makes an impact in, GE Reports shows the stories and the research behind it. It allows for both the creative and analytical reader to get involved.



GE | Technology | B2C

Txchnologist is one of GE’s many media hubs. However, each one serves its own function in promoting the different aspects of GE’s business. Txchnologist focuses on science, but on a much broader scale than its sister hub GE Reports. Covering topics from moonwalks to robotics, the website offers its readers an array of articles to sort through. Also, unlike GE Reports, it covers topics outside the spectrum of GE.

generalmills_logoTablespoon by General Mills

GIS | Culinary | B2C

In 2009, General Mills launched Tablespoon, which is a media hub with thousands of “kitchen tested” recipes from the General Mills labs. This is also a place for visitors to share and review different recipies. Here, users are also able to save and edit their favorite recipes, as well as share them on social media. At the end of the day, it is also a great way to promote General Mills’ products and produce.

google_logoThinking with Google by Google

GOOG | Digital Trends | B2B/B2C

Google is almost everyone’s go to source for information, so of course it makes sense that they launch their own media hub. Think with Google came to fruition in 2011 in the hopes that would make Google a valuable thought leader in the industry. Since Google is known for its content generation, if users see Google implementing their own data they will think, “well why shouldn’t I use it?” It’s a way to reinforce their dominance in the feild. The publication focuses on topics of marketing trends, consumer insights, and industry research.

hartfordinsurance_logoSmallBizAhead by Hartford Insurance

HIG | Business/Growth | B2B/B2C

Hartford Insurance launched their media hub, SmallBizAhead, when they saw there was an informational gap in the small business world. In addition to their insurance services, Hartford wanted to offer a place where small business owners can come to for advice and information. It covers topics ranging from talent acquisition to technology and innovation.

advisorTVadvisorTV by Mabbly

Marketing | B2C

Mabbly premiered their passion project and media hub, Meet Advisors in 2014. Now referred to as adivsorTV, the goal is to create a space for entrepreneurs and thought leaders to come together and share their knowledge. In a TEDTalk meets talk show fashion, show hosts interview business men and women from all industries and backgrounds. The ultimate goal? Inspiring passion within the community.

capgemini-logoContent Loop by CapGemini

CAPMF | Technology | B2C

CapGemini is a consulting, technology, and outsourcing company who launched their media hub Content Loop. The goal was to create a way for them to make and strengthen relationships in the IT space. The hub hosts relevant articles publications such as FastCompany, Lifehacker, and Forbes.


Blueprint by CBRE

CBG | Professional Development | B2C

In 2015, CBRE, the world’s largest real estate investing firm launched their media hub, Blueprint. The online magazine focuses on articles that describe the role real estate plays in society, as well as the overall economy. CBRE has lead the market for years, but with Blueprint they are able to share their knowledge with the business world. This in turn further cements their place as experts in the market.

H&M LogoH&M Life by H&M

HMB | Lifestyle | B2C

There are thousands of clothing brands all over the world, which means standing out in anyway possible becomes vital. H&M launched their media hub, H&M Life as a way to differentiate from the competition. Allowing them to be one of the only fashion outlets that knows its audience’s needs and highlights them in their media hub.


Red Bull TV by Red Bull

Entertainment | B2C

Red Bull is taking the nod from GE by launching yet another media hub. Red Bull premiered Red Bull TV in 2014 as a way to reach its target market and play on their interests. Millennials and most everyone else, are attached to their electronics and love thrillers. By creating a network that showcases top events, as well as a few daredevil stunts, Red Bull is becoming a household name. They have videos of Lollapalooza, live sports events, etc.

redbull_logoRed Bulletin by Red Bull

Entertainment | B2C

In 2007, Red Bull Launched the Red Bulletin. A print magazine that circulates 2.7 million copies globally. It has labeled itself as the premier “international men’s activity lifestyle” magazine. In 2014, the magazine went digital, and started to reach even more masses. It is published in English, French, German, Spanish, and Korean. By creating the magazine, Red Bull is now able to not only reach its energy drink consumers, but a whole new market of nonusers as well.  

cliniqueThe Wink by Clinique

EL | Beauty | B2C

Clinique launched The Wink in October 2015. Clinique’s founder is a former Vogue editor, so it was no surprise when the company created their own online magazine. The publication aims to connect consumers with the people, places, and things that inspire Clinique. The beauty company does something unique with The Wink, they have made it interactive across all social media platforms.This means users can now share and provide commentary on the articles much easier than the old way. The added shares and clicks will help with Clinique’s traffic and even sales.

americanexpresslogoDepartures by American Express

AXP | Lifestyle | B2C

Founded in 1984, Departures is a luxury magazine published by Time Inc., which covers travel, shopping, fashion, design, arts and culture, for American Express’ Platinum Card members. This magazine gives its top members access to information about the luxury experiences and goods that they tend to appreciate. At the same time, all of these things cost money — money that people can spend using their American Express cards. The magazine has some exclusivity, as only Platinum Card members have access to the articles published online. This further encourages customers to upgrade to the Platinum Card membership.

deluxelogoSmall Business Revolution by Deluxe

DLX | Business Consulting | B2B

Small Business Revolution is a media hub that showcases the successes of small businesses across the country. Started in January of 2016, Deluxe began receiving submissions from small businesses for their chance to win a $500,000 town revitalization prize. Deluxe traveled around the country to visit the finalists’ towns and interview their small business owners. All of this is brought to life by videos and interviews on the Small Business Revolution media hub. Deluxe started this contest and championed it on a media hub because it believes in small businesses and wants to open up communication with small businesses around the country. Additionally, this is a great way to build relationships with small businesses that could turn into clients for Deluxe, which is a company that provides services and products to small businesses.

Wistia Library by Wistia

Tech | B2B

Wistia, which started in 2006, created the Wistia Library to give businesses a place to go when they need guidance in creating business videos. Wistia Library is simply a catalog of instructional videos that users can watch free of charge. The Library acts as a way to segway customers onto Wistia’s main video hosting platform. The idea is that by sharing instructional videos and allowing users to learn for free, they will be more likely to use Wistia when it comes time for their business videos to be posted online. In short, they use the media hub to build a relationship before trying to make a sale.

buffer-logoBufferApp Blog by BufferApp

Tech | B2B

The BufferApp Blog is a place where social media related articles, videos, case studies, guides, course and news are shared. Since BufferApp’s launch in 2010, its founders recognized the need to educate its users about social media topics. These topics range from app development and engineering to marketing trends and workplace culture. The BufferApp was created with the intention of educating and relevant information with BufferApp’s users, who are primarily companies that are concerned with social media marketing, emerging platforms and integrating social media into a business.

marketo-logoCMO Nation by Marketo

MKTO | Marketing | B2B

Started in 2015, CMO Nation is a  place for senior marketers to get insights, exclusive content, and expertise relating to engagement marketing. Blog articles are written by Marketo contributors who focus on the future of marketing, including customer engagement, marketing organization and marketing technology. The site also features interviews with top CMOs, which gives viewers a look into the strategies of some of the most successful marketers. Lastly, users are able to download resources and research reports to learn, discover and receive recommendations. Overall, CMO Nation is a one-stop shop for businesspeople who are looking for help, advice and examples to help them become better marketers.

moz-logoMoz Blog by Moz

Marketing | B2B

The Moz Blog has been recruiting the marketing industry’s top experts to provide advice, research, guides and insights since 2004. Topics on the Moz Blog include SEO, marketing events and speaking engagements, social media marketing and general marketing tips. This media hub is directed toward marketing professionals who are looking to get more insight into marketing topics and stay up-to-date on current marketing changes, issues and technology.

linkedin_logoLinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog by LinkedIn

LNKD | Social Networking/Business | B2B

The Marketing Solutions Blog’s intended users are those who use marketing tools on the LinkedIn site, including sponsored InMail, ads and sponsored content. The Marketing Solutions Blog includes tips and advice for LinkedIn’s own marketing tools and well as other digital marketing tools that the blog’s audience is likely to use. The blog is not promotional, but ideally, people who visit the Marketing Solutions Blog will read about how LinkedIn marketing can be added to their marketing strategy, thus convincing them to become LinkedIn customers.

att_logoBusiness Circle by AT&T

T | Telecommunications | B2B

Business Circle was started by AT&T in April of 2014. This media hub gives small businesses a place to interact with like-minded individuals and share tips, ask questions, get answers and ultimately become better informed. This media hub is not promotional. Instead, it leverages AT&T’s relationships and reach to provide the most relevant and highest quality contributor articles, live online video interviews, and trusted advice. In stating Business Circe’s mission, AT&T explains how it is fully committed to providing the best information to small businesses and pledges to find the most fitting solutions — even if they do not come from AT&T.

dell-logoDirect2Dell by Dell

DEL | Tech | B2B

Direct2Dell is Dell’s corporate blog and also a community where Dell users can learn and share ideas relating to Dell’s products and technology. The blog started in 2006 as a way for Dell’s global customers to communicate with the company itself and with other users. Dell aims to make Direct2Dell a comfortable online community where users receive a comparable level of personalized attention that they would get from an in-person meeting. Unlike a one-on-one meeting, Direct2Dell gives users access to many voices at once, thus offering a robust collection of tips, advice and insight — all from different perspectives. by Domo

Business/Tech | B2B

Since its founding in 2012, has been a resource for business people to find the latest information about business intelligence — from news and insights to trends and other content. Domo started this site as a way to help data-driven businesses receive information that is relevant to their capabilities and goals. Domo understands that companies spend reletively large sums of money acquiring data, and gives these companies insight into all the things they should be doing to get the most out of their investment.

hpackard_enterprise_logoHP Enterprise Community Blog
by HP Enterprise

HPE | Tech | B2B

The HP Enterprise Community Blog was started so that users (primarily business professionals) could have conversations with experts and colleagues to trade advice, questions and solutions. In the spirit of HP Enterprise, the community blog focuses on using innovative technology to develop and transform businesses. Since HP Enterprises is constantly researching and innovating, it considers its blog contributors to be experts in the business innovation field. Therefore, they are able to provide users with the most advanced and accurate information about business technology acceleration.

hpackard_enterprise_logoTechBeacon by HP Enterprise

HPE | Tech | B2B

Started in June of 2015, TechBeacon was established by HP Enterprise as a place to connect development and technology professionals with information that really matters to them. The information on TechBeacon comes from reliable, successful experts who understand what is required in order to be successful in the business technology industry. TechBeacon’s main goal to provide trusted up-to-date information to developers and tech professionals in one convenient location.

openview_logoOpenView Labs by OpenView Venture Partners

Software/Tech | B2B

Beginning in 2010, OpenView recognized the need for a hub of information for early and expansion stage software entrepreneurs. OpenView Labs filled this void and opened up a space for software development experts to share research, guidance and information with software companies. The site is meant to provide advice pertaining to every part of software company expansion, including sales, marketing, customer success, finance, leadership, product development and human resources. As a venture partner for new software companies, OpenView made this media hub because it believes that developing companies can benefit from the guidance of experts.

sharethrough-logoNative by Sharethrough

Software/Tech | B2B

Sharethrough, a native advertising tool, created Native in January of 2013 as a place to share articles, news and lessons relating to native advertising’s advantages. By using this media hub to share information about the benefits of native advertising, viewers will ideally be persuaded to use native advertising as part of their company marketing strategy and therefore use Sharethrough’s services.

ricoh_logoWork by Ricoh

RICOY | Information Technology | B2B

Ricoh recognized the need to businesses to keep up with changing information technology needs to businesses It addressed this need by creating Work, a guide to the current and future work of information technology and how it relates to Ricoh’s products and services. Posts from season writers, journalists and IT specialists are published on the media hub daily. In addition to those outside contributions, Ricoh published pieces directly relating to the company and its thought leaders. Work is Ricoh’s way of sharing vital information with businesses, while showing that its services are necessary and useful.

lenovo-logoThink Progress by Lenovo

HK | Tech | B2B

Think Progress is a media hub meant to engage IT and business professionals who are current or potential Lenovo customers. Business and technology industry thought leaders contribute to Think Progress with both current and timeless information — making the site simultaneously up-to-date and evergreen. Article and video topics include business development, technology for business, IT trends and more. Though not directly promotional, Lenovo’s services and products are mentioned where relevant.

bobbi-brown-logojustBOBBI by Bobbi Brown

EL | Beauty | B2C

JustBOBBI publishes articles, tutorials, recipes, travel guides, behind-the-scenes looks, lifestyle pieces and more. The media hub features both promotional and non-promotional content. Specifically, a post related to makeup or beauty would feature Bobbi Brown products, whereas a recipe post would have no tie to Bobbi Brown products. JustBOBBI is meant to be a place for Bobbi Brown makeup enthusiasts to experience the entire Bobbi Brown lifestyle — “wellness, beauty, travel and everything in between” — which encompasses more than just makeup products.

harrys-logoFive O’Clock by Harry’s

Lifestyle | B2C

Five O’Clock is a digital magazine by Harry’s, a men’s razor and shaving kit company. Media hub contributors share experiences big and small, general advice and useful tips. Born from the same simplicity that founded Harry’s, Five O’Clock is simply a collection of articles, guides and music playlists that share the common goal of “making today better than yesterday.”

anthropologie-logoA Blog by Anthropologie

URBN | Lifestyle/Fashion | B2C

Anthropologie’s media hub is very visual (think Pinterest) and publishes articles and short posts relating to travel, DIY, decor, style, stories, music and fan generated content. When applicable, the blog promotes Anthropologie products and links back to them so that media hub viewers can purchase them from the site. A Blog does this seamlessly by writing about current trends and incorporating Anthropologie merchandise that fits with those trends. Aa a way to give customers a voice on the media hub, the”Your #Anthropologie” section showcases select Instagram posts that have been posted using the hashtag #anthropologie. The youthful bohemian vibe of Anthropologie is portrayed throughout the site and gives viewers ways to incorporate Anthropologie into their daily lives.

nasty_gal_logoNasty Galaxy by Nasty Gal

Lifestyle/Fashion | B2C

Starting in 2008, Nasty Galaxy has been the go-to blog to customers who strongly identify with the Nasty Gal brand. The content on the site is current, witty and not for the faint of heart. Covering everything from music festivals and emerging local artists, to style trends and career advice for young women, posts on Nasty Galaxy are pretty varied. Like the Nasty Gal brand, this media hub is geared toward those who are confident in themselves and driven to march to the beat of their own drum. It serves as a site to inspire, inform and entertain its viewers, who are likely Nasty Gal customers.

lvmh-losange-noir1-2335x876NOWNESS by LVMH

LVMUY | Lifestyle | B2C

Founded in 2010, NOWNESS is an upscale influencer for all things related to art, fashion, design, beauty, travel,music and food. In keeping with the high standards of the LVMH brand, NOWNESS prides itself on having an award-winning approach to storytelling through video. Something unique about this media hub is that it is only comprised of videos, which are curated by carefully chosen individuals. The videos are informative, entertaining and relevant to the typical interests of the LVMH customer. To ensure that all LVMH customers can experience NOWNESS, the media hub is published in 10 languages.

west_elm_logoFront + Main by West Elm

WSM | Home and Garden | B2C

A site primarily focused on home, decor and design, Front + Main is West Elm’s promotional media hub. The site has its own contributors and guest contributors who produce article, guides, videos and more for Front + Main. The majority of the posts have a tie back to West Elm products either directly or more subtlety. The purpose of the media hub, beyond promoting West Elm products, is the inspire site viewers to take on creative home improvement projects, get a glimpse into home designs and develop a greater interest in home decor and furnishing.

tory-burch-logoTory Daily by Tory Burch

Retail and Fashion | B2C

Tory Daily is a media hub that covers topics including culture, style, beauty, travel, entertaining, music and sport. Media types range from articles and interviews to videos and playlists. Some of the content — like behind-the-scenes looks, seasonal trend reports and styling tips — does promote Tory Burch products. Tory Daily provides viewers with the feeling of a personal message from Tory Burch, as many of the posts are written from the perspective of Tory herself. Overall, the media hub provides the back stories and inspiration behind a lot of Tory Burch’s designs and collections.

rei-logoREI Co-Op Journal by REI

Lifestyle | B2C

Welcoming contributions from the REI Staff and guest writers, the REI Co-Op Journal is a media hub made for sharing “stories of a life outdoors.” Tips, stories, podcasts, current events and more are shared on this site. Categories of topics include the things that REI specializes in: camping, biking, hiking, climbing, paddling, snow sports, running and more. REI’s customers, Adventure program attendees and Outdoor School attendees tend to be very dedicated to their outdoor activities and this media hub is a place for those customers to access information relevant to their passions.

michael_kors-logo-svgDestination Kors by Michael Kors

KORS | Retail and Fashion | B2C

Destination Kors is a promotional media hub that features product spotlights, fashion show behind the scenes looks, trend reports, model and celebrity interviews and explanations of red carpet looks. All of the content on the media hub directly relates back to Michael Kors products and is used as a way to subtly sell products while entertaining and informing viewers. The “Michael’s Edits” section gives viewers the feeling of getting a look inside the designer’s mind with his must-have reports and  trend watches.

disney_logoDisney Parks by Disney

DIS | Lifestyle | B2C

When Disney jumped on the blog bandwagon train in 2014 they hit the ground running. The Disney Parks blog was started as a way to better draw in consumers. Disney uses the site to not only promote every single park location and popular rides, but even show readers how a trip to Disney can be educational. One will find guides for different resorts, age group recommendations, and more.

casper-logoPillow Talk by Casper

Personal Care | B2C

Casper was one of the fastest growing startups in New York. They managed to raise $1 million in revenue in their first 28 days of business. Naturally, a business of this caliber has a lot to share with the world. With the launch of their media hub, Pillow Talk, Casper is able to stay in touch with consumers. For companies that sell long term goods (like mattresses) this is super important, since their customers won’t be in stores every week. The article topics all revolve around sleep or mattresses, but often have a humorous spin to it. Like their article on dog beds.

casper-logoVan Winkles by Casper

Wellness and Lifestyle | B2C

In 2015, Casper launched its second media hub, Van Winkles. Unlike Pillow Talk, Van Winkle is fully autonomous and focuses solely on the scientific side of sleeping. They dive into topics such as Ambien use, sleep disorders, healthy sleeping habits, ect. Casper’s CEO has said his goal is to “empower” sleep across all platforms. It also acts as a nice incentive for people to buy new mattress and invest in sleep care after reading a health article.

zillow-logoPorchlight by Zillow

Z | Real Estate | B2C

Zillow launched its media hub Porchlight as a way to share their extensive knowledge of real estate and investing. The sight offers advice on how to get ready for a move, how to get your house ready for back to school, and even advice on buying fixer-uppers. By sharing their knowledge with the public, they are building their own credibility as a company. This in turn, will (in theory) help grow their sales.

conagra-logoForkful by ConAgra

CAG | Food and Beverage | B2C

ConAgra Foods is one of the biggest food companies in the United States. With its products being in 99 percent of today’s households, it’s safe to say they have a wide and varied market. That said, they still didn’t have brand recognition among everyday people. Sure the supermarkets and restaurants knew them, but they needed consumers to start demanding more CanAgra products. The solution? The launch of their media hub Forful. The food blog website offers advice on meal planning, slow-cooker recipes, ect. Of course, several carefully crafted posts feature CanAgra products.

coke-logoCoca Cola Journey by Coke

COKE | Food and Beverage | B2C

In 2012, Coca-Cola decided to expand their already extensive marketing efforts into the world of media hubs with the creation of Coca-Cola Journey. They classified the Coca-Cola Journey as brand journalism, meaning they cover real news events, but always find a way to reconnect it to Coke. All this was done in the effort to better connect with their global audiences. If you’re a stockholder or simply a fan of the product, this platform allows you to follow the growth of the company. At the end of the day, the more engagement and recognition a brand can create the more business it will generate.

jack_daniels_logoThe Single Barrel Standard by Jack Daniels

Food and Beverage | B2C

For their 150th anniversary Jack Daniels launched The Single Barrel Standard. They timed the release of their media hub perfectly, and are able to double up on publicity for both the birthday and the launch of the hub. The media hub takes people through the history of Jack Daniels and a virtual tour through their distillery. They also used this platform to launch their 50 barrel hunt. They hid 50 of their signature barrels all over the world for people to find. This was done to bring some relevance back to the brand and remind people why they drink it.

equinox-logoQ Blog by Equinox

Health and Fitness | B2C

In 2012, luxury fitness giant Equinox launched the first version of their media hub, Q Blog. At first, the marketers at Equinox didn’t think Q would be a success, but they were soon proved wrong. The site ended up gaining 1 million unique views with only 30-40 percent of visitors being existing members. The site was such a hit, they decided to expand and rebrand a little. Now, Q Blog is known as Furthermore. It feature articles on workouts and equipment all the way to recipes and beauty. Furthermore helps Equinox standout in the crowded world of health and wellness, but it also adds credibility to their brand.

rosetta-stone-logoLinguaVore by Rosetta Stone

RST | Lifestyle | B2C

Rosetta Stone prides itself on being a community of learners. With the release of their blog, LingueVore, they are connecting consumers and employees. The first half of the blog features come from Rosetta Stone employees and language experts. These posts mainly offer lesson advice and tips to expand your learning. The other half comes from actual Rosetta student, where one can apply to be a guest blogger. These types of stories usually offer first person accounts by users. On their website, they even encourage readers to comment and respond to each post. This helps further the Rosetta stone mission of making learning fun and communal.

natl-assoc-of-realtors-logoHouse Logic by National Society of Realtors

Real Estate | B2C

Real estate, whether you’re selling or buying, is stressful. People have questions on if their remodel will be worth it, what to look for when at an open house, and a million other questions. House Logic works to not answer all of those questions, but also offer real estate advice. The National Society of Realtors launched House Logic to help demystify the world of reality.

honest-logoHonestly Blog by

Lifestyle | B2C

Unlike many companies, when Jessica Alba launched in 2012, she launched Honestly Blog too. The goal is to supply mothers with information on how to create a happy, safe, and organic home. Of course, this is a lot easier if you use products. New moms may not know how to use all of Honest’s products, but with the help of Honestly Blog they will soon have a whole slue of ideas to choose from. It also allows users to connect in the comment section and share extra tips and tricks.

petsmart-logoParent Resource Center by PetSmart

Animals | B2C

In 2005 PetSmart moved away from their “mart” mentality and really started focusing on providing quality care, goods, and services. Part of this movement was launching their Parent Resource Center. Let’s be honest, anyone who has a pet treats them like one of the family. They’re your son or daughter! So naming their media hub “Parent Resource Center” only made sense. The site offers advice on all things petcare from nutrition to training. It also offers sections on “back to school” and pet halloween costumes. It plays up on all aspects an animal lover is looking for in a blog: cute and informative.

betterment_logoResource Center by Betterment

Financial | B2C

After the market crash in 2008, people have been wary about investing their money. To help ease concerns Batterment launched the Resource Center. This is a media hub that although sometimes focus on world news, they always have an investing twist to them. By adding a humanistic element to investing, Betterment is taking away the stigma that the only thing investing companies care about is money. It makes people trust them more, and people only like investing in things they trust.

tdameritrade-logoTicker Tape by TD Ameritrade

AMTD | Financial | B2C

In 2012, TD Ameritrade launched their next-gen brokerage hub in the hopes of educating the masses on investing. While other companies just provide stock updates or news articles, Ticker Tape boasts that it also provides education and analysis. With real time market updates, they will help make predictions for later in the day, as well as tomorrow. Ticker Tape is updated Monday-Friday with financial information spreading far beyond just stock investing. TD Ameritrade is the leading brokerage firm, by offering up their knowledge they are solidifying their credibility.

prudential_logoThe Challenge Lab by Prudential

PRU | Financial | B2C

Prudential decided to change the way America views retirement by launching The Challenge Lab in 2015. Retirement and financial planning as a whole can be boring, especially in today’s instant gratification culture. No one wants to save something for 40 years to maybe one day use. In order to make the concept easier to understand, Prudential used The Challenge Lab to break retirement down into five challenges; each one asking people a question about planning for the future. Each challenge was also paired with a YouTube video allow people across the world to see exactly what The Challenge Lab is about. In day challenge one, participants are asked how long they think the average life expectancy is. The last challenge asked what would happen if you didn’t give into financial impulses? By implementing a media hub, Prudential is able to reach a younger audience and actually show people how planning for retirement is a lot of work, but not if you use Prudential.

fidelity-logo-newestMy Moneyby Fidelity

FNF | Financial Services | B2C

Fidelity launched their My Money media hub so that clients or anyone interested in finance can have one place to visit for all of their information. The site is broken down into four categories: Money 101, Investing and retirement, Debt and Credit, and Milestones. Each category has a set of guest authors and even features a video talk show with a financial expert. By providing information on finances, it might help people realize they may need more help, which is when they call Fidelity.

bank_of_america_logoBetter Money Habits by Bank of America

BAC | Financial Services | B2C

If you’ve taken a hard class in the past six years, then you’ve probably heard of Khan Academy. An online video series that walks viewers through math, economic, and scientific theories. It often acts as an aid for those who are not learning enough in class to grasp the concept. In 2013, Khan Academy partnered with Bank of America and helped create the media hub Better Money Habits. The hub takes the format of Khan Academy’s tutorial videos, but adds in a the financial knowledge of Bank of America. People can watch mini lessons on understanding the parts of your paycheck and money management just to name a few. By combining forces, Bank of America will attract Khan Academy users to their services and vice versa.

first-round-capital-logo-black-pngReview by First Round Capital

Financial Services | B2C

Venture Capital firms don’t have the best reputation, but First Round Capital is hoping to change that with the launch of their media hub, Review. According to First Round, Review isn’t just another VC blog. Their goal isn’t to just promote their own services or individual client achievement, but to create a community of entrepreneurs. The hardest part of a startup is getting started, but it gets a lot easier if you have someone helping you along the way.

mint-logoMint Life by Mint

INTU | Financial Services | B2C

Mint was one of the fastest growing companies in the financial services sector. In just three years they sold themselves to Intuit for $170 million. At the same time Mint hit the market in 2010, they launched their media hub Mint Life. The blog focuses on articles that connect finance and your everyday life. They have posts on how to stay fit on a budget, affordable gadgets, ect.

farmers-insurance-logoInner Circle by Farmers Insurance

Financial Services | B2C

Insurance isn’t something we want to always think about, mostly because it can be boring, but also because it can be depressing. Farmers Insurance created Inner Circle so that current and future customers will be more informed of the benefits of insurance. They cover anything from college debt to adult summer camps. It helps Farmers Insurance set itself up as an expert, but in an approachable way.

acorns_logoGrow by Acorns

Financial Services | B2C

Acorns has become the fastest growing investment app with 1.3 million users. At the start of 2016, Acorns decided to use its unprecedented success to inspire and educate millennials about their finances, i.e. Grow media hub was born. Grow sends out a weekly e-letter that breaks down current, complex financial topics. They also feature fun financial stories on their blog about digital nomads, phone apps that help you save, and basically any financial topic you can think of. By setting it in a sleek backdrop, using great graphics, and a light tone, Acorns is able to attract an entire demographic of millennials

four_seasons_hotels_and_resorts-svgFour Seasons Magazine by Four Seasons

Hospitality | B2C

In 2009 Four Seasons decided to launch their travel magazine to help connect guests all over the world and to offer a unique perspective to travel. There is a section for Four Seasons exclusives, which is adventures only available to the hotel’s guests. Not only does the magazine connect travelers, but it also acts as a journalistic brochure for the hotel. The hotel chain hopes this will create another layer to the relationship they hold with each of their members.

marriott_logo-svgMeetings Imagined by Mariott

MAR | Hospitality | B2C

In 2015, Mariott launched their own version of Pinterest and called it Meetings Imagined. Customers who are looking to book the venue for a company meeting, retreat, or conference can mix and match decorations, food, ect. It allows users to get a hands on feel without having to be in the vicinity. It also offers articles with advice on how to host the perfect events.

marriott_logo-svgTravel Brilliantly by Mariott

MAR | Hospitality B2C

Mariott’s second media hub, Travel Brilliantly, launched in 2013 and is geared toward those travelers who work and play all in the same visit. The websites sleek design, provides visitors with hotel stay feedback, as well as share their specific ideas for improvement with Mariott. This connects the guest and corporate much closer together and makes customers feel like they have a voice.

westjet-logoWestjet Magazine by Westjet

WJAFF | Transportation | B2C

Westjet has had the same on-flight magazine for 10 years. In 2015, they turned the paper magazine into an online media hub. Westjet Magazine features articles on travel, attractions, food and wine, and anything else an avid traveler might need. The magazine was moved online so that they could connect with a younger demographic, as well as reach out to more than just the passengers flying their airlines.

nike-swoosh-logo-png-the-top-10-most-popular-shoe-brands-everyone-is-wearing-top-10-rate-pictHurley Surf Club by Nike

NKE | Sportswear | B2C
In 2002 Bob Hurley sold his surf line to Nike sports, and the rest as they as they say is history. Nike turned the brand into a media hub that sells surfing apparel, promotes how-to videos and even coverage of surfing competitions. The media hub allows Nike to penetrate a whole new market of athletes that they would have no access to before.

catechnologiesRewrite by CA Technologies

CA | Technology B2B

CA Technologies recognized the disconnect between intelligent thinkers’ groundbreaking ideas and their ability to share those ideas with the rest of the world. Enter Rewrite, a media hub centered around connecting the world’s brightest tech minds in an effort to share and discuss technology innovations. Primarily using storytelling, interviews and expert commentary, Rewrite informs and inspires the tech community by sharing updates on where we stand today and projecting where we can be in the future. Rewrite’s contributors are technology experts who want to make a real impact and rewrite the future.