Call Me, Beep Me…No, Snap Me!

When I go into ghost mode on group chat, my friends know the best way to get ahold of me is Snapchat. I often ask myself, why am I so much more inclined to communicate and share info on Snapchat? I rarely post on Instagram, if you text me you would be hard pressed to get a response, and your clickbait on Facebook will most certainly not lure me in.

I am an advertisers’ worst nightmare and Mark Zuckerberg stays up at night contemplating how to get me more engaged.

So, you might wonder how this simple app called Snapchat motivated me to share my every waking moment, click on articles, and communicate almost constantly with my friends. I’ve been giving it a long and hard think.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a photo with a caption must be worth even more. You can text someone how amazing your dinner is, but let’s be honest, the ten second picture can show it a lot better. Point shown below.


You never have to see it again

When sending a Snapchat directly to someone, it can only exist for one to ten seconds. Even if you post it on your story, it’s gone in 24 hours. Snapchat is completely non-permanent (unless someone takes a screenshot). How many times have you gone to Timehop and cringed about something you posted six years ago? I can openly share my day-to-day without feeling like it’s written in stone or going on my permanent record. It’s much less of a commitment, so I’m free to share everything from my workout to what I’m eating for lunch (because I know everyone really cares about my avocado toast).

Bite sized information

Not only is Snapchat how I stay in contact with my friends, it’s also a huge source of news for me. Bite sized pieces of info are the future. Yeah, theSkimm is awesome, but video will always take the cake. A lot of people had a meltdown about Snapchat discovery, but I don’t understand why. It’s so much better than me having to search through my newsfeed for the one article Facebook allows me to see (this is due to Facebook targeting. Users only see a small amount of organic content and the rest is paid for). I love the fact that I can find out what’s going on in the presidential election, in the same app where Kim Kardashian took down Taylor Swift.

The filters are key
Because why wouldn’t you want to be a bee? #sorryinstagram


So there you have it, my feelings on why Snapchat is the best (or only) form of communication we are using. Add me on Snapchat (@rachel_pollard or take a screenshot of my code to the right) for more and let me know some of the reasons why you love or hate snapping below!