Chapter 11: The Importance of Video Blogging


It’s well known that video is just about the most important content type for marketing today. People love watching videos for just about everything, valuing the way that videos make it easy to absorb and understand content. Just think about it, what seems like the most attractive way to experience something: a long article of text, or a short video rich with different sights, sounds, and dialogue? Not a hard guess, is it?technology, internet and video concept - laptop computer with vi

That’s why video blogging, known by all the hip kids as “vlogging”, carries huge potential for businesses. It hardly matters what industry you’re in – video blogs provide enough flexibility for any topic to be covered. Whether you plan to be blogging about home plumbing problems, or the secret to raising well-behaved hedgehogs, vlogging is the way to go.

In the following points, we’ll be discussing the biggest benefits provided by video blogs. We’re certain that after reading through them, you’ll be itching to call “lights, camera, action”!

Better Relations

Video blogs allow your brand to present itself as more than just another biz. By getting your team and your work on video, you’ll be showing the world the true spirit of your company. The people who make the magic happen, those who can easily be seen as friends by the public as you continue blogging regularly and build up rapport with viewers. But tread carefully. It’s best to choose people who are comfortable in front of the camera and have a positive energy. You may want to keep the office grump behind the scenes. (Unless they’re as glorious as Ron Swanson. In that case, they should be the star of every one of your videos.)

If you don’t want to get your team on screen, there is still plenty of opportunity to create videos that give your company humanity and relatability. With animation, voice overs, animal actors, and even some imaginative use of everyday objects, you can end up getting some great results.

worker standing on a virtual connection, networkAdditionally, vlogging gives you greater control over branding. You can fine tune the way every part of your video comes across, ensuring that things aren’t taken the wrong way. Misunderstandings happen a lot more with textual content than video content, since readers only have words with which to decipher your meaning, not voice tone, body language, visual aids, and more. The fact that videos enable you to steer clear of accidentally causing offense is invaluable, especially when the slightest misinterpretation can turn into a PR disaster.

Easier Teaching

Is the main purpose of your blog to teach viewers something, or provide them some very useful information? Well, it should be. And as we pointed out above, video blogging is by far one of the most attractive ways for people to experience content. It’s also one of the easiest ways to get your message across clearly. Whether you’re making a step by step tutorial or you’re simply giving an in-depth look at how your company makes one of its products, presenting it on video allows for better viewer comprehension.

Viral PotentialThe word Viral

Youtube gets about a billion visitors a month. A MONTH! Uploading your videos there can gain you an unlimited amount of views. Furthermore, since Youtube is by far the most common video hosting site and makes it easy to share videos on social networks, it can give your videos a chance to spread far and wide. If your videos happen to be especially hilarious, inspiring, shocking, or even just plain weird, there’s a big chance of them going viral. If you don’t already know what that means, then all you need to understand is this: going viral = an explosion of views. Your video can be just as famous as “Keyboard Cat” or “What Does the Fox Say?”.