End of summer means beginning of autumn marketing planning

Create a New Marketing Strategy this Fall

Next month start September, the month that officially starts autumn. Have you created and revised your marketing strategy for the next season already? The end of summer means many things like the beginning of the school year for kids, the end of sun dresses, and football, of course. For entrepreneurs, it means locking down marketing campaigns to see you through to winter.

Creating a new marketing strategy and trying different techniques is not about big reveals. It’s great if you are launching a new product or service, but just marketing a seasonal offer is good enough reason to revamp the way you do things.

The best time for an autumnal marketing campaign to start is in the beginning of fall, not on the tail end of summer. At the end of the summer, many people are coming back from vacation, getting kids ready for the school year, and taking on a list of chores and activities in preparation for the season change.

If your company is a B2B firm and your customers are other businesses, then this may also be when they are planning their own fall marketing strategies. This may be a good time to strike if you offer services that can help with that, but otherwise they may be too busy to pay attention to your campaign.

It is also important to set an end date for the campaign, which will also be the end of the special offer that you’re promoting. An end date gives people an impetus to take advantage of the offer while it is around. It adds some pressure to the situation that inspires people to act, but not in a negative way. Leaving it open ended makes it seem like the offer is here to stay and there is no rush to take advantage.

This is the best time to thoroughly review your past and current marketing techniques and consider the options that you have available to you. What you have done previously may have worked and produced results, but were they the best results they could be? Could switching up your strategy give your business that extra boost? What have you not tried?

This can be stressful for many small business owners because they are not marketing experts (unless they are running a marketing firm) so they may not even know about other options, let alone how to leverage them. If this is the case, the end of summer may be the best time to reach out to marketing specialists whose expertise lies with small business marketing and accept help in taking your company to the next level this fall.