Entrepreneurial Exposure: from press to post

So, we went to Jack Trytte, the president and founder of Insight Direction, who leverages his 35+ years of strategy to consult Fortune 50 companies across the consumer and B2B markets. In addition to being written up in Advertising Agemagazine, Trytte is a contributing writer to journal of marketing and has written articles fo the Tribune and INC magazine as well as being interviewed by WGN.

If that’s not enough, Trytte also authored The G Point – How To Turn Your Business Into A Growth Machine last year and The Failure of Marketing: Why Your Company Isn’t A Growth Machine in 2007. Certainly he is in a position to determine how much digital marketing has impacted his business.

“In terms of promotion?,” Trytte says. “All of it! Although I do gain most of my business through referrals and speaking engagements, most people know who I am through some sort of digital medium.”

Political psychologist Maurice Bonamigo, who is a Fox News radio contributor and news contributor for Egyptian and China television, has also garnered recognition via digital media, noting, “My Indian and Australian connections have strengthened very much with social media.”

Denim Lounge owner David Shelist says digital marketing has, “Increased our exposure for sure.” In addition to using new media, the clothing store has received exposure in traditional media as the store has been covered in the Sun-Times and has been voted “best denim shop” by Time Out magazine, while Shelist himself is frequently interviewed on Eric & Kathy in the Morning on 101.9 FM.

Of course the media has to match the company’s market, so an interview in an industry trade journal such as Material Handling Wholesaler is an ideal fit for Allswell Supply Company. Perhaps that’s why its owner Richard Sklena says, “Focus! Always be thinking ahead.” While his advice refers to business in general, it can also be applied to digital marketing and social media.