Cell Phone Quotes: Falling for phones in the 21st century

Cell Phone Quotes

You’re a digital marketer on the go and you don’t go anywhere without your smart phone. But how smart is that? According to a recent study released in conjunction with National Safety Month, there’s been an increase in cell phone distracted walking injuries which matches the increase in cell phone usage during the last the 15 years—proving a majority of people cannot walk and talk at the same time!

According to the findings, 52% of walking incidents with cell phones occur at home; 54% of the victims are people 40 years old or younger; 68% of those injured are women; and nearly 80% of the injuries (dislocations, fractures, sprains and concussions) are due to a fall.

Having said that, here’s what others have said about cell phones…

Quotes about Cell Phones

“We let our cell phones ping us every time there’s an incoming message and check our email even when we’d best pay attention to what’s going on around us in the real world.”- Douglas Rushkoff

“Even before smart phones and the Internet, we had many ways to distract our selves. Now that’s compounded by a factor of trillions.”- Jon Kabat-Zinn

“Teenagers talk about the idea of having each other’s full attention. They grew up in a culture of distraction. They remember their parents were on cell phones when they were pushed on swings as toddlers. Now, their parents text at the dinner table and don’t look up from their BlackBerry when they come for end-of-school day pickup…There are moments of opportunity for families; moments they need to put technology away. These include: no phones or texting during meals. No phones or texting when parents pick up children at school – a child is looking to make eye contact with a parent!”- Sherry Turkle

“As we grow up in more technology-enriched environments filled with laptops and smart phones, technology is not just becoming a part of our daily lives – it’s becoming a part of each and every one of us.”- AdoraSvitak

“The truth is, we’re all cyborgs with cell phones and online identities.”- Geoff Johns

“Apparently we love our own cell phones but we hate everyone else’s.”- Joe Bob Briggs