Fast 5-Point Check-Up for Poor B2B Blog Performance

Is your B2B blog performance lower than you expected? You certainly aren’t alone. Many of our customers meet with us out of a concern that they’ve implemented a content strategy and followed all of their instructions… Only to find that they aren’t getting the results they want. Fortunately, there are often simple things you can do to increase your B2B blog performance. Here’s our go-to 5-point check up for better B2B blog performance:

Common Problem #1: Your numbers are off.
Writing blog posts may be an art form, but there are a lot of numbers involved. There are ideal lengths for titles (65 characters or lower), meta descriptions (125 characters or lower), and blog posts (450-650 words, depending on your audience). Double check your blog posts to make sure you’re meeting these best practice number requirements.

Common Problem #2: You’re not original.
Copying or repurposing spammy, keyword-stuffed B2B blog content is a waste of time. It won’t show up in search results and may even get your site in trouble and lose overall rankings. It’s worth the time to work with a qualified marketing firm or B2B content writer to help you fill out your editorial calendar.

Common Problem #3: You’re all talk.
While blog content is important for SEO and customer education, visual and audio content is important, too. Integrate original infographics and quick podcasts into your blog schedule to keep things spicy for your customer. And track your metrics: if one medium performs better within your audience, that’s a good sign you should include more of the same.

Common Problem #4: You’re not promoting your content.
SEO is a powerful factor in writing good blog content, but so is social media. Every time you write a blog post, you need to promote it using your social and personal network. Whether you post on your social accounts automatically or manually, include links to your recent posts and ask for feedback. Tag particular people in your posts to draw their attention and the attention of their audience, too.

Common Problem #5: You’re not promoting other content.
People are attracted to team players. So if you’re out there promoting your own content and all you hear are crickets, it’s because you’re trying to have a one-way conversation. Start networking authentically. Follow the 80/20 rule and share, tweet, like, and follow other people 80 percent of the time and include your own content 20 percent of the time. You won’t share your content as much, but it will be far more powerful when you do share it.

Is your B2B blog performance meeting your expectations? If not, it may be one of these five simple fixes causing you trouble.