Google launches program to put Chicago small businesses on the online map

It is no surprise that companies operating in the tech industry usually have great, effective websites and digital strategy. What is a surprise is that only 37 percent of small businesses are not even listed on local search engine results. Now consider that more than 80 percent of people use search engines to get information like hours and direction for local businesses. Leave it to Google to push two-third of U.S. small businesses into the 21st century.

Google recently launched the Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map Program in Chicago in its effort to spread to 30,000 cities across the country. So far, the Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map Program has helped more than 43,000 Chicago small businesses. This program helps businesses see how they show up on Google and other search engine results, how to build a website, and also gives a free website to all participating businesses for one year. Google is also striving to provide training and workshops.

The purpose of this program is to strengthen communities via economic independence and resources. Businesses that have online presence grow faster by 40 percent, on average, than those that do not. Increased revenues means more tax money flowing into the community, and a possible economic revitalization.

Still not comfortable going it alone? That puts you in the same camp as the majority of small business owners in Chicago and across the country. Reach out to a professional digital marketing firm to produce the best, most informed, and most effective results.