How you know that your social media strategy is failing

Is your Social Media Strategy failing?

Like large corporations, small businesses invest valuable resources like time and money in developing social media their social media plan. Clear targets are set and a cohesive strategy is developed – but what next? The most important part of managing your marketing efforts and social media strategy is reviewing and analyzing so you know what is working and what isn’t.

Nothing has changed over time

You won’t see results immediately. It may take about three to six months before things really get going. However, if you have run your strategy for a while and given it a real shot without any change in results, then it is time to switch things up because the strategy is failing. It is important to be patient and give the plan time to deliver results, but make sure you don’t commit to it so much that you are reluctant to change what is not working. Like cooking the perfect steak – flipping too much will render the meat dry, but leaving it on the fire for too long will burn.

You’re not reaching your target market

It is great to appear to a wide audience and convert different demographics to become a part of your target market. However, you have taken time a lot of time to nail down your target market, so you should focus on reaching them. The strategy you are using may be in real trouble if you can’t account for the difference. It’s one thing to reach out to a different market, but it’s quite another to not know why it’s happening.

Social media comprises small slice of site traffic

A successful social media marketing campaign, when it hits its stride, should generate at least 10 percent of your website traffic. If you are seeing less than 10 percent of traffic coming from your social media posts and interactions, then this means that your audience either doesn’t care about what you’re putting out there, or they are not seeing it. Either way, this spells trouble for your social media strategy.

Low click-through rate

For some social media posts, you are able to see impressions, which is how many people saw your post. This allows you to calculate the ratio of what portion of your audience is interacting with your content. You have a problem on your hands if people are seeing your content but very few are actually clicking on it. This could be a symptom that you’re posting the wrong content for your particular audience or maybe you need to redefine your target audience.