Influencer Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

Influencer marketing has existed in the realm of advertising for a while now, however it is constantly evolving, growing, and leading within the marketing world. It has become a divergence of traditional advertising and marketing, and has become increasingly powerful. What it means to be an influencer is newer concept that has been created primarily through social media and celebrity, while brands are leaping at the idea of having “natural” sponsored content to promote their product or service. To be an influencer is about having both creative and original content as well as an authentic base following that interacts with your content.

77% of marketers cite determining influence marketing return on investment as their top challenge.Artificial Intelligence, in much the same way, isn’t a new concept. It has been the talk of both technology conferences (hey, Sofia the robot!), and general consumers (interacting through AI chat bots and the like), but many still are unaware of what AI really is and does, and how it could be used in conjunction with influencer marketing.

So what do these two have in common? And what happens when they work collaboratively? Artificial Intelligence platforms make it easier for marketers to choose which influencer campaigns will be successful. AI uses its neural networks to analyze things such as thousands of images that link and match influencers to brands, in the hopes of finding a match that is the best fit. The key goal here is to connect influencers and brands who have the same aesthetic, message, and mission. Through AI, brands could analyze which influencer will likely perform the best given their previously posted content, engagement, and the like. It essentially takes the risk out of brands dumping $500-$2,500 on a sponsored post and hoping it performs well and drives sales.

An image of a person with text that says ai platform is needed to determine brands, audience sentiment, product, and marketing.As said in a recent AdWeek article titled “AI in Influencer Marketing: Buzz or Real Value?”, “AI platforms move beyond image processing and analyze years of influencer content to determine the brands and topics that influencers talk about, aesthetic style, audience sentiment and, most important, how effective their content is at driving traffic, engagement and product sales.”

AI is the quantifiable research method that makes influencer marketing more effective. Without AI, “78 percent of marketers cite determining influencer marketing return on investment as their top challenge.” The use of this evolving and ever-changing technology is continuing to better many aspects of marketing and many other industries. While this is new technology is moving campaigns forward, some marketers fear that they are giving up control. Their roles may shift they won’t entirely disappear.

Essentially AI and Influencer Marketing are a matchmaking service, connecting influencers to brands and vice versa. If you want to know more about artificial intelligence, and how it can elevate your marketing or business, ask Mabbly!