LDex has its head in the cloud

From applications to e-commerce, the London-based LDeX Group (LDeX) is expanding its colocation services by providing direct on-site access to the world’s largest cloud provider Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“This move is a crucial development for LDeX making it that much easier for customers to find the right fit for their infrastructure requirements,” explains LDeX CEO Robin Garbutt.

The group now will be able to make private connections to the AWS cloud with infrastructure cloud so customers can use Amazon’s cloud infrastructure with minimal levels of latency and high rates of throughput. As a result, its customers (which include small, medium, corporate and enterprise clients looking to outsource and colocate their IT equipment, or in need of network design and support) will receive improved application performance and security.

“By leveraging AWS Direct Connect inside the LDeX facility via its euNetworks AWS enabled and approved partner, customers will be able to take advantage of cost, performance, and scalability benefits of hybrid environments, which will look to remove barriers to adoption and enable SMBs to realize deliver on the promise of cloud,” adds Garbutt.

“We hope to be able to continue to enhance customer offerings by listening to market needs including the requirement to access cloud platforms for which we believe AWS cloud services represent an ideal platform.”

For more information, visit http://www.ldexgroup.co.uk/about-us/.