A Surprising Marriage

SEO Meets PR (Public Relations)!

The Union of PR and SEO Public relations and SEO have an interesting, co-dependent relationship these days. PR, a practice that long predates SEO and the Internet, has evolved into a critical component of SEO. Some may even argue (Ok, I argue this!): The most effective practice of SEO is now nothing more than well-executed, online PR.

Let’s discuss! With the implementation of recent Google algorithms, content is proving to be more valuable than ever. Old SEO tactics are being penalized, while websites with high quality, unique content are being rewarded. But creating engaging articles, blog posts and Web copy is only half the battle. The next objective is to spread the word and create that buzz. That’s where PR comes into play.

Let’s take a look at three key areas of SEO and examine how PR is the driving force:

Content writing.
People want to read interesting, newsworthy and worthwhile content (no fluff!). Content that has SEO-value is original, engaging and has potential to gain viral traction. With content essential to the SEO game, effective SEO professionals are solid writers with a journalistic mindset and strategic content developers who can create content with those attributes. Remember—PR is a facet of journalism, contingent on strong writing and effective communications.

Rich content, as described above, provides the link bait, but it’s important to spread the word and gain links on sites with high page ranks. Building relationships with influential editors, writers and bloggers is the cornerstone of link building. Pitching an editor online is no different than pitching an editor to a traditional media outlet; the same fundamentals apply. Not only does a successful pitch to an online outlet garner buzz, but it also garners links and SEO value. Seeing a theme, yet? SEO equals PR.

Social media.
A comprehensive content strategy is the backbone of a social media strategy. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and other social channels are essential avenues for promoting content; this is where content goes viral! And let’s not forget relationship building which is essential to linkbuilding. Anyone who is anyone has a social presence, so engaging with targeted influencers (in a professional manner; don’t be a creep!) via social media is a must. The relationship between PR and SEO is still being defined and is continuing to evolve rapidly. But what’s known, is that the future of SEO will rely heavily on the minds of strategic, technologically evolved, journalistic minds!

What do you think? Where do you think the future of SEO is headed?