Kira models office attire

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Chic Office Outfits

The business world is changing everyday and along with it, the fashion. Say goodbye to your mother’s worn out pantsuit (that she probably let you borrow for your first interview) and hello to the modern day office queen wardrobe with stylish office wear.

Let’s start from top to bottom, shall we? As someone who commutes from the Northwest suburbs to Chicago almost everyday, making my hair look nice in the morning isn’t a top priority. An easy and quick way to circumvent a stressful hair morning is to just sock bun it or wear a pony. Women have become afraid of the sloppy hairdo, but I say we bring it back! After all, if the Olsen twins and Kim Kardashian can pull it off so can we!

Let’s talk about shirts. They’re optional. No, I’m not saying come into the office topless, but don’t be afraid to show some leg or even an arm by wearing a dress. We can all take a page from Michelle Obama’s book and have fun with our summer dresses. If you want to wear a maxi dress, do it. Pair it with a cardigan, a stylish pair of flats or wedges, and boom, you’re looking modern office chic already. If you’re like me and were not blessed with long legs and a bountiful height, try a romper or a tunic. If paired with the right flats and accessories they will make bombshell office wear. No need to shove body parts into model sized button downs that will make you sweat bullets. If you’re not going to be comfortable in the office, then staying focused and producing top quality work will be that much harder.

If I haven’t sold you on the freeing power of wearing a dress then lets look at bottom options. Black dress pants are fine, but boring. There is nothing wrong with adding a little color to your day with a pair of colored pixie pants. These pants are a godsend because they go with everything for a plethora of occasion. If you want to be really bold, pair a red pixie pant with a white flowing top and blue blazer. What better way to say you love corporate or startup America than by wearing the colors of flag? The best part is, this outfit can go from office to bar in the blink of an eye. Ditch the blazer and switch out those sensible flats for some stilettos and hit the town.

If skirts are more your stride, then go for a comfortable pencil skirt, but stay away from skin-tight options. Lets be honest, I bet you’re a go-getter who is always running around the office helping everyone out in anyway you can, which means a tight fighting skirt that will bunch and move against your body won’t do. Go for a high waisted skirt that flares out just a tad at the bottom. This will add more movement and make you a happier a team member.

At the end of the day, it’s all about being comfortable. If the memories of your mother’s pant suit make you happy then chive on and live life. Hey, here at Mabbly we even have a guy who never wears shoes because he’s just more comfortable that way. If not, then remember that the business world is becoming less corporate, so let’s have our outfits match.