Survival Guide and Skype Session Available to Savvy Digital PR Firms

The advent of digital marketing has thrown traditional industries and digital PR firms of the 20th century on its ear, causing many companies to clean house, switch gears and shift focus on digital media advertising. But with talk of flying drones recently making the news, job security remains shaky in the 21st century. Fortunately there’s hope, help and humor from Suzen Fromstein’s new book Suits and Ladders: Ten Proven Ways to Keep Your Job Safe (with a few jokes thrown in). It is surely the best companion for digital marketing firms nowadays.

“I wish a corporate survival guide like Suits and Ladders was in my Christmas stocking before I crashed and burned my way through my career,” says the author. “Rather than blame the bad economy, bad politics, bad processes, bad bosses, bad luck, bad husbands, bad boyfriends or the really bad takeout I had for dinner last night, I decided to find out exactly what was required to stay employed and then to speak and write about what I learned.”

Fromstein spent a year talking to 102 mid-to-senior level managers (51 men and 51 women) to consolidate their combined wisdom which can be applied to any industry—from nonprofits or financial services to small business social media and digital PR firms.

The book also includes four of Fromstein’s own career-limiting moves. In fact, she has agreed to provide one-half hour of free Skype job coaching to the first 25 people, specifically those from digital PR firms, who identify all four. If people want to take her up on her offer, email the titles or descriptions [email protected] with the words “Suzen’s Career Limiting Moves” in the subject line.

Suits and Ladders: Ten Proven Ways to Keep Your Job Safe (with a few jokes thrown in) is available for purchase on Kindle and through Smashwords. There is also a print-on-demand option through the U.S. sites of and