Taxi Magic Creates a New Way to Advertise with iBeacon

Being a walking billboard is nothing new. From branded t-shirts to branded tattoos, people tend to advertise their favorite products and services. Taxi-hailing app Taxi Magic has revealed that it is using Apple’s iBeacon technology to allow its users to broadcast your Taxi Magic referral code to others.

This is slated to be a small push for now, with a limited window of people getting notifications. The notifications will only be seen by people that have downloaded the app and have it open on their device, but who have never ordered a ride on Taxi Magic. If they use your code, you get a $10 credit. This system was designed to reward existing customers while motivating new users to test drive the app, so to speak.

taxi magic

This is a new application for iBeacon, which uses Bluetooth to push notifications to iPhones and other iOS devices. It was originally created as a method for retailers and other facilities to deliver short range messages to people that are in the vicinity of iBeacon devices. It has been developed to be a replacement for signs, a sale alert system to passersby, and more – and this is only the beginning.

Taxi Magic wants to use iBeacon technology to share fare payments among a group riding together, and to let people use the app to pay for taxi fares when they hail one on the street. It will only be a matter of time until Taxi Magic and other companies find more new ways to implement this burgeoning technology and redefine the way we use iBeacon and Bluetooth.