The Skype’s the Limit

With 300 million Skype users, telecommunications has never looked brighter despite a few drawbacks as technologists and entertainers weigh in on the ups and downs of Skype.


“Skype is easy enough to use…If you can use a web browser, you can use Skype.” – Niklas Zennstrom

“I can go all over the world with Skype.” – Ram Dass

“I’m thankful God has given us the technology where we can see each other through Skype on the computer. It’s not the same thing, but at least we can see each other. Imagine the time before when that wasn’t available and people had to go defend our country. It’s really hard. I go two weeks without seeing my family and I go crazy.” – Albert Pujols

“My boyfriend and I don’t get to live in the same city all the time, and the fact that I can text him or call him or even Skype with him is so wonderful.” – Jane Levy

“I think Facebook’s dangerous. So many people I know get into trouble with Facebook…I’d rather just pick up the phone. Or Skype.” – Zara Phillips

“I don’t care how someone lives or how good their spoken English is. I do all of my interviews on Skype text chat.” – Matt Mullenweg

“I thought it would be cool to Skype with fans on their birthday and spend, like, a half-hour with them. I did a couple of two-hour Skypes. I just hang out with them and play songs and stuff. I’ve had a lot of people tell me I’m doing something no one has ever done before.” – Austin Mahone


“We are in an age of technology where we sit in our little cubicles and we IM each other and Skype each other and never connect as human beings.” – Sarah McLachlan

“Despite our ever-connective technology, neither Skype nor Facebook—not even a telephone call—can come close to the joy of being with loved ones in person.” – Marlo Thomas

“I think even the most beautiful person looks stupid on Skype.” – Freida Pinto