Three Cardinal Rules to Improving Your Online Presence

A business’ reputation lives online and is affected by factors in that realm. Review sites have changed the way customers and businesses interact forever, and much of a company’s success hinges on what customers say on social media. Word-of-mouth has often been considered the greatest marketing tool, and liability. The technological age has taken this principle and magnified it.

In addition to reviewing your business, customers are also taking into account how you engage online. Social media and digital marketingfaux pas can end up costing you customers just as much as poor customer service. Below are the three cardinal rules for digital conduct to boost your online presence and your real-life revenues.

Really consider your customers’ wants

Do your customers want to hear from you? It’s easy to get over-eager and want to communicate your great company, services, or products to your customer base (or potential one), but it’s still important to find out if they want to get the news and updates. When engaging in social media, see what your customers are saying and respond to their comments – so you’re not just talking to them.

Listen to what is said about you

The first thing you should do immediately is set up a Google Alert about your business and also for your name. This will help you instantly comb the internet to mentions of you or your company and delivers it in a compact email to your inbox.

Get back up

Your clients hire you because you’re a professional at what you do. Don’t you think you can benefit from the input of a professional in a field that you are unfamiliar with? Enlist a firm that keeps up with technology and communications trends, and can help you set clear goals and then achieve them.