Top conferences for entrepreneurs under 30

‘Can’t Miss’ Conferences For Entrepreneurs Under 30

Younger generations in the U.S., including young adults, are known as an incredibly social group, and that translates to how they do business, as well. Young entrepreneurs are finding that attending business conferences are a great way to grow their businesses and discover new opportunities, and it is an environment designed to help them capitalize on one of their greatest skills.

However, as you may have noticed, conferences can be geared toward different age demographics and not provide the best ROI for everyone’s time. On the other hand, attending business conference for entrepreneurs your own age can be a game changer for your small business.

Below are the top four U.S. conferences for entrepreneurs under the age of 30, and in some cases this means high school students who already have a head, and heart, for business.

Next Gen Summit

Next Gen is a flagship conference for young entrepreneurs. It is run by a 19-year-old and during this year’s conference, startups raised nearly $1 million from attending investors. The conference is designed to connect young entrepreneurs with tools and resources to grow their businesses and succeed. This conference is definitely targeted toward the younger end of the young entrepreneur field, with the oldest speakers being 25-years-old.


HustleCon is a young conference for young entrepreneurs, launching in 2013 and run by the 25-year-old Sam Parr. Unlike many conferences in the young startup space, HustleCon is surprisingly not geared toward the tech industry, although it still has a strong presence. HustleCon attendees can receive training in establishing and running a small business from successful independent companies in their fields.


TEDxTeen proves that entrepreneurs are never too young to start. This conference is designed to provide very young entrepreneurs with motivation and inspiration in order to succeed in business, and change the world.

Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) National Conference

This collegiate conference brings together student entrepreneurs (that are not quite teenagers anymore). This conference focuses on helping collegiate students build and develop their small businesses while still staying in school, as it is all too popular to drop out of college to start a business. Yes, we can point to Bill Gates and other masterminds that dropped out of college to create businesses that changed the world. However, Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) National Conference drives the point home that this is not necessary, and often does not turn out to be the fairytale story they think.