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Video Content Marketing – Lights, Camera, 15 Seconds of Action

“Whatever it is that you want to accomplish from your videos, take the time to define your goals,” states Entrepreneur. They have also affirmed that, “82% of marketers indicate that video content marketing has proven to be successful.” Although this percentage is high, creating the exact message you wish to portray in your video is difficult, considering audiences tend to lose interest if they are over 15-30 seconds. In the world we are living, the quote, “Less is more,” is nothing but the absolute truth. But how is it possible to fully advertise your company in 15-30 seconds?

Before applying your skills to create a genius attention-grabbing video, challenge yourself by asking questions including: How can we tell our story to the fullest? Where do we currently place our content, and how can we can we create an important presence there? How can we construct original content to attract and engage customers and their ecosystem? And, how can we discern which traffic opportunities are not being utilized, and how can we target our audience through those specific digital channels?

After answering these questions, you will be able to powerfully surge toward producing a captivating video for your clients. You should want your clients to be sold by the third slide of every video you create. “I’m ready to buy this,” or “We need to use this service now,” are the words you to hear want hear rolling off their tongues while they watch the content you have produced.

The next step: Highly promoting what you have created across every social media platform possible. Not only will you see the number of views on the videos you make increase, but find joy in witnessing a drastic escalation in your web traffic as well. Posting your 15 seconds of glory to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts allows your audience to watch and spread it across the Internet at an extremely large magnitude.

Making video content marketing advertisements or campaigns for your clients should be done with a centralized focus: To make the audience watching the video want and feel the need to contact you, or even make a purchase, the moment they are done watching.