Vlogging Emerging as Digital Marketing Service Asset

The diversification of digital marketing is in full swing this 2014. New methods and attempts at getting a product to a digital user’s eyes are being tried and tested and one clear winner is the Vlog (video blog). The vlog is a great way to get information out there whether you’re the President of the United States giving a weekly address or you have a complaint about a specific product. It is the vehicle which melds sight, sound and product. This can also be an added value to a digital marketing service being offered by digital marketing agencies.

In the realm of marketing, the vlog will be an essential tool in the tool box. Brick and mortar stores are slowly losing their dominance and convenience of having displays so the answer to this is a vlog displaying all the necessary variables involved in making a purchase whilst delivering information to customers across all demographic constants. Anyone can see a product online being mentioned in a vlog whereas marketing by way of traditional print media serves as functional void these days.

(Old School Marketing)

In an article for Business Review, Abigail Phillips discusses how “watchability outweighs readability, online attention spans are quickly adapting to the video format, thus giving other forms of content the backseat. With video, your company can say what it wants, how it wants, with visual representation, all in one short video. Think of it this way, with your busy schedule, would you rather read about a company for 10 minutes, or watch and experience what that company is trying to convey in a 3 minute video? Video gives your company the opportunity to expand beyond the written word and truly reach the audience.”
Vlogging is also easier for publications because instead of formatting and proofreading a blog, they just embed the video in the link. The delivery is easier to produce and because of this it ought to be considered as an essential part of a digital marketing service package. Just because delivery is easier does not mean the content is necessarily high quality. What the video talks about and how it goes about it is crucial to successful vlog. That being said sponsored product reviews, relevant news content and short time frames are the key to a meaningful blog. Often times videos of people discussing mundane topics with no point get fewer views. A proper vlog gets to the point using a combination of visual wow and informative how, which is perfect in enhancing a product being focused in a digital marketing service vlog.

(Vlogs provide a range of emotion)

The format of the video can be of different considerations as well. Testimonials, video podcasts and demos are all angles to consider when creating a digital marketing service to market a product. The video podcast might not accomplish a goal in selling but testimonials are very useful because it puts a story to a face. A company like Golan’s Moving, for instance, is taking the role of testimonials and digitizing them on Facebook not just as a means of marketing but a means of gaining critical credibility among customers and potential customers. Golan’s is looking into the vlog and using Facebook to host them as well.
The final and perhaps most crucial element in addition to those mentioned previously is the method one uses to record the vlog. Using a phone to record it may send messages that your company is not serious about its product. Investing in the tools that produce crisp and clear videos is something to consider when creating a digital marketing service involving a vlog. Most digital SLR cameras are coming with a video recording feature. This not only helps the credibility of the product but also provides an enjoyable viewing experience.