What is a marketing technologist and why does your small business need one

When building out your staff and choosing which roles your company needs, don’t overlook a marketing technologist. Marketing technologists are experts in marketing and technology, like the name implies. Many people call themselves digital marketing experts or social media gurus, but ultimately, marketing technologists are more skilled and above both. This position may sound like it was created for a major corporation, but that’s not true.

Customer Acquisition

A good marketing technologist is 60 percent marketer and 40 percent engineer. This means that the marketing technologist is charged with minimizing customer acquisition costs, which usually depends on building strategic partnerships with technology and agency firms while investing in marketing software.

Optimization Tools

Marketing technologists stay informed of which new tools are hitting the market and what is needed to optimize your digital marketing process. There is marketing automation software, email marketing apps, enterprise-level analytics, social media monitoring software, and other tools. A marketing technologist can help you determine which tools you need, and which are just unneeded expenditures.

It is a mistake to give marketing technologist duties to your in-house digital marketing or social media employee. It takes a special set of skills and experience in order to be a great marketing technologist (and we are going for great here, aren’t we?) that others in the industry simply do not have.

You wouldn’t hire a dentist to perform open heart surgery, or a surgeon to fix your teeth. No matter what your specific goals are, make sure you seek out expert help. If you are not ready to devote a position and salary to an in-house marketing technologist, reach out to firms that specialize in digital marketing for small business.