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3 Email Marketing Issues Digital Agencies Struggle With

According to the Huffington Post, “Email marketing will need to become smarter in 2015.” Why is this? What was wrong with how companies were approaching their email marketing to begin with? Fortunately, there are resolutions. Here are three email-marketing issues digital agencies regularly struggle with:

  1. Since digital marketing became wildly popular, marketing companies continue to endlessly send their clients (and potential clients) emails and newsletters containing irrelevant content. Thus, making website visitors cautious of whom they provide their email addresses to.
    Resolution: Digital marketing agencies should be contentious of the fact that having a B2B relationship is just as important as having a relationship on a personal level with their clients, which, in essence helps them achieve their purpose: provide their clients the content they need to be more successful than they already are.
  2. The second issue digital marketing companies have dealt with when it comes to email marketing is uncertainty about the proper amount of emails that should be sent out. Even if companies are sending incredible content, cramming too much of it in their clients’ heads is counterproductive.
    Resolution: Simply put, digital marketing companies should only send emails that are essential for their clients’ success. Sending newsletters with similar titles to ones sent previously can make an audience believe the writers are lazy and uncreative. So, get to work, and create new, original content.
  3. The final issue: Creating content that clients’ want to read every day. Nearly everyone reads their favorite subscription’s articles on a daily basis. More often than not, digital marketing companies have a difficult time maintaining the interest of their audience.
    Resolution: Through a service known as ExpressPigeon, which, we happen to use here at Mabbly, allows companies to know what content is relevant for specific clients. ExpressPigeon’s unique platform also allows its clients to produce, send, and locate professional emails, which will appear across all providers and devices with steady customer support. Therefore, digital marketing agencies will be able to provide their clients content they enjoy reading and will help lead them to success.

As digital marketing companies frantically scramble to bring success to their email marketing, they have one common goal: Provide the proper content you deserve. In all aspects of their business, serving their customers as quickly and efficiently as possible should be their priority.