User Experience Optimization

optimizing user experience for laptops tablets phonesUser Experience Optimization: How to Make Users Happy

The importance of maintaining a website that is consistent with your brand has become increasingly important. No longer are the days where companies might have a website, nearly every company has one today. However, in order to stand out against competition, it is important to make sure that website visitors have the best possible experience in order to keep coming back to your brand, rather than someone else’s. You might be wondering how you do this, and the answer is user experience optimization (UEO).

User experience optimization (UEO) research toolsWhile search engine optimization (SEO) has become popular, user experience optimization is often forgotten, which is a huge mistake. While SEO gets more people to visit your website, UEO gives visitors a valuable experience when they do reach your page. There’s nothing worse than having increased traffic, but having them click off once they get there because there’s no valuable information available to them. In fact, research indicates that 57 percent of mobile users will abandon your website if it takes more than three seconds to load, and 30 percent will abandon a purchase if the shopping cart doesn’t allow for purchases on mobile devices.

In order to cohesively spread your message, gain loyal customers, and promote a cohesive brand personality, it is important to utilize the power of UEO. Here are two ways that you can promote a good experience for your viewers.

  1. Who? What? Where? When? Why?

Your homepage should be easy enough for a viewer to understand who you are, what you can offer them, and how they can learn more if they would like to. It is important to provide clear messages about your business and what you have to offer. Keep in mind that your brand personality should be consistent across all mediums, or you’ll have customers wondering who you are and what you stand for. Maintaining brand consistency is important in order to make sure your viewers have a good experience with your brand, whether it’s online or in person.

  1. Simplicity

optimizing the user experience enhances brandingThink of your homepage as a preview to your whole entire brand.  Do not cram every bit of information you could possibly fit into that first page. Have a simple, cohesive amount of information there in order to display what best reflects your brand. However, simple doesn’t mean boring. It is important to have an interactive, engaging website where viewers are interested and can communicate with you if necessary. Mobile users are busy, in fact, they are probably multitasking, so make your homepage so easy for them to navigate that they can be doing two things at once. Research indicates the users will leave a webpage within 10-20 seconds, but will stay on a webpage with a clear value proposition much longer because it can hold people’s attention much longer.

user experience optimization thought bubblesThe importance of maintaining a brand personality that is consistent with all your communication efforts has become increasingly important due to the increasing number of competitors.  This means that companies must maintain all the way from their brick and mortar locations to their desktop website to their mobile website. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but the importance of doing so is very important, whether you realize it or not.  Want to beat out your competition? Then start utilizing the power of user experience optimization, today!