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Mabbly built a new corporate brand and offering for a food conglomerate from scratch – from naming & trademarking to product strategy to purchasing the An internal initiative blossomed into a portfolio of innovations serving modern society and health conscious brands with premium, sustainable ingredients and products.

  • Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Product Design


Mabbly was tasked with developing a global business unit and brand for a $1B food corporation. Mabbly crafted a creative strategy brief to educate siloed brand teams on key insights, including the origins of NewCo, market landscape, target industries and buyers, and executive preferences.

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Four different logos with the words terranova, essam, and seedrace.


Each of the NewCo brand names Mabbly developed and presented were trademarked by the parent company for future product names. In addition, Mabbly is launching the brand globally with the newly appointed CEO of TEROVA™.

The logo for terova on a green background.
A green and yellow color palette on a white background.
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Naming NewCo

Mabbly went through the entire creative naming process and performed in-depth research into select brand names’ ability to be trademarked, in liaison with global trademark attorney.

A green business card with the word tefova on it.
A mobile app displaying the text sustainable, scalable and sustainable.
A tablet displaying a website with the words sustainable nature's standard.

Building the brand

After TEROVA™ was client approved and trademarked, we developed a series of studies including brand, symbol, design, and feasibility. A design system was developed to scale the new visual identity across the series of stakeholder communication channels. We began with a visual blueprint for expressing and capturing the organization’s essence of honesty, expertise, and purpose. This visual blueprint was then implemented into both offline and online communications.

A set of green and white phones on a white background.
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