Are your online articles on-target for 2014?

Content Innovation for Digital Marketing Agencies

With the holidays comes the unofficial countdown to the new year. You know, the time when the best movies are released; when top ten song lists are compiled; and when digital marketing agencies and small business social media try to anticipate trends on SEO and digital content in the upcoming year.

Size Matters
Since Google is putting more emphasis on authorship and natural links found within content, expect the length of blogs and articles to grow in detail, depth, and word counts. Those brief bits we’ve come to expect are about to become a thing of the past as online pieces will soon carry 1,000 to 2,000 words. This is something that digital marketing agencies should keep in mind, especially since they usually write the copy for their clients.

That’s What She Said
In addition to the quantity of words used, digital content in 2014 will be measured by the quality of the author. That means less emphasis on guest posting and more attention on the primary writer via Google Authorship, which will cite accomplishments to confirm the writer’s credibility as an expert.

Post Outside The Box
Another effective way for digital marketing companies to attract an audience is by standing out among the countless content from competitors. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, imagine what a syndicated video is worth. In other words, digital content writers need to get their names out there via posted blogs and articles as well as videos and images that will appear in various searches which will ultimately improve ranking.

Missing Links
In an effort to stop link spammers, Google is enhancing ways to determine link quality. This will adversely affect advertorials and the like unless new strategies are generated to activate link building via reader/writer relationships.

The Big Picture
While SEO link building is considered a short-term tactic, long haul strategies based on website analysis and auditing will become a big focus for digital marketing agencies in the new year if, for nothing else, to keep up with the competition. In most cases, said research will echo our first point: digital content is king in 2014.

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