How HR Can Take Advantage of Digital Marketing

The coming years are likely to be marked with a flood of new essential digital marketing requirements for human resources personnel; starting from training, recruitment to talent engagement.

As an HR practitioner, I know nothing is more important to you than staying ahead of the curve by finding the best talent available. In getting the best talent possible, digital marketing is indispensable.

So, let’s explore some ways in which HR can take advantage of digital marketing.

Keep your HR Websites Up-to-date

When did you last update your site? There is no better information hub for new and existing talent than your site. From industry developments to career resources, your websites should not only reflect present employment trends but also showcase company news.

If your website and blogs do not correlate with current times, do it some justice by updating it as soon as you complete reading this article. And as always, do not forget to implement SEO strategies that will ensure job seekers quickly access your latest openings.

Engage Candidates through Email Marketing

So, now that you managed to attract top talent to your website, how do keep them engaged with your brand?

Engaging prospective candidates via email campaigns is yet another sure way that has been tested and proven to be very successful. The trick here is to generate a constant buzz by providing your target audience with valuable information.

For instance, you can strengthen your email by linking to articles on your company blog to provide fresh and captivating content and short recruitment videos designed to facilitate the needs and concerns of your readers.

To improve recruitment email click rates, be sure youraudience is receiving your correspondence; the sad thing is getting to do all that good work and get it to realize later it got caught up in spam filters.

Use Social Channels to Recruit

I am sure you must have realized with the growth in popularity of social media and digital influencing channels, potential employees interested in a company are likely to check its social channels, perhaps even before they look at their website.

Any HR firm that is keen on recruiting the very best of employees has no choice but to warm up to the use social media to attract as well as engage new talent. There are a lot of articles that go more in depth on these recruitment tools.

Use LinkedIn for Headhunting and Talent Recruitment

For some professionals, LinkedIn is the first point of contact with a company. And perhaps one of the most effective social media platforms for HR departments could just be LinkedIn.

One feature that makes this platform rock is its ability to bring professionals, employers, and job seekers together in one place; making it a goldmine of all times that works perfectly well for headhunting as well as talent recruitment.

In fact, it is the core and central hub for HR companies to do an executive assessment; to quickly sort the wheat from the chaff as they look for desirable candidates for their clients as well as network partners.

Final Word

Without a doubt, digital marketing goes a long way in boosting HR efforts in attracting, engaging, retaining top talent, and building a company into a world-class employer brand.

If you haven’t tried any of these techniques, there is no better time to supercharge your HR efforts with digital marketing than now. Experiment with the strategies above and let me know your results in the comments section.