PR Meets On-Site Blogging

PR Meets On-Site Blogging

A successful PR campaign isn’t complete without an on-site blog. No problem—blogging seems pretty straightforward, right? Well, kind of. Like any facet of PR strategy, blogging requires strategy and proper execution. So that begs the question is, “What makes a successful on-site blog?”

To get the most online PR value out of an onsite blog, follow an old, slightly overused (but still relevant) adage: Content is king. Through rich, original content, a company can cover a lot of bases; blog posts help tell the company’s story, service their brand, create a dialogue with their customers and supplement their SEO efforts.

But where does one start? Developing blog content can seem a little daunting, but fear not! Begin with developing a company-wide content strategy to set the framework; all blog content (as well as content through any other on- or off-site channels) should adhere to this content strategy.

And since the goal of PR, which is a facet of journalism, is to create buzz around the brand, it makes sense to think like a reporter when developing on-site blog posts. Consider what’s newsworthy in the industry and what people want to read. Moreover, think about what people would want to read and then tell their friends. After all, in this PR-centric, SEO-driven online world, good content is shareable content. Shareable content gets pickup around the web via social media and other bloggers, gaining visibility and reach.

Well developed, thoughtful blog posts don’t have to be long or esoteric to be classified as shareable content. Snappy top 10 lists, a popular how-to article or an original infographic might just be what your reader wants. And blog content doesn’t have to be limited to the written word; to give your blog and content more depth and interest, engage your audience with interesting images, videos or infographics. Finding the sweet spot of what readers want may take some time, but when you find your niche, those blog posts will ultimately provide an ROI in SEO.

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