B2B Digital Marketing Trends for 2015

B2B Digital Marketing Trends of 2015

Last year saw predictive analytics, predictive marketing, predictive data, predictive scoring, and even data-driven predictions. This year is the year of data and knowledge driven digital marketing backed by customer intelligence. Making purchases and giving a company your business are strongly dependent on human behavior, in which variable are strong influences. In 2015, marketing aims to capitalize on contextual and situational variables that bring companies closer to customers and clients and understanding their decision-making. This comes from qualitative understanding, as well as by quantitative data.

The human-centric marketing approach has been popular among B2C companies, and it is proving to be quite effective in B2B marketing, as well. In a recent study, about 55 percent of 720 surveyed executives said that they rely heavily on subjective (therefore personal and emotional) as opposed to logic-based factors when making decisions.

 B2B companies need to view themselves as collaborative partners with their customers. B2B marketing is gearing itself toward immersive-oriented research that must be conducted in order to understand your clients’ needs and how to best communicate with them. By understanding their industries, you can market with relevant information that shows them how working with your company will relieve their pain points.

Online time will tell how these B2B marketing trends will pan out. For now we know that customer-centric marketing will continue to be a driving force into 2015.