At Mabbly, digital strategy is at the nucleus of our marketing approach.

Digital strategy is not just a single deliverable—it’s a philosophy that encompasses how an agency approaches digital stewardship across strategy, execution, and ongoing optimizations. The results of these efforts are then translated into detailed yet digestible analyses that create a strong understanding from all stakeholders, clarifying the current state of the digital ecosystem to enable purpose-driven decision-making.


You need a marketing roadmap to help your business scale

Digital strategy is the compass that binds everything together in your marketing ecosystem from branding to SEO and paid campaigns. It harnesses data and analyzes it to enable purpose-driven decision making that impacts visibility, increases brand engagement, and generates conversions in a scalable way.

You want measurable results

Pearson’s Law says it best: “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.” Data transparency is everything. By tracking website and campaign touchpoints, we see exactly what’s engaging and converting your audience to inform CRO efforts and improve ROI.

You want to increase brand awareness and drive quality lead gen

Building brand awareness and scaling lead gen takes a combination of research, purposeful planning, informed execution, and ongoing optimization.  Digital strategy dictates full end-to-end stewardship of your go-to-market plan from strategy to execution and beyond to get your message in front of the right crowd.

The Mabbly Method

Digital strategy at Mabbly means end-to-end stewardship of your go-to-market plan—from strategy to execution and beyond.

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    Audit & Benchmark

    Before we get started on any marketing project, we first ground ourselves by quantifying what success looks like. Tools like Google Analytics, Search Console, and SEMRush help us identify opportunities to drive more qualified traffic and improve on-site engagement across all channels. Benchmarking current performance levels sets quantifiable markers to measure success in your competitive category.

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    Channel Mix & Planning

    Content audits, keyword research, ad formatting, audience targeting strategy—our team obsesses over which levers we can (and should) pull for each marketing platform to achieve your awareness and sales goals. The planning stage includes identifying campaign inputs, channel mix, budgeting, and campaign forecasting.

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    SEO & Campaign Launch

    Results are the currency of marketing. We set up our expectations for awareness and conversion objectives to meet your specific business needs and marketing budgets. For every launch, we right-size our SEO, media planning, and channel mix strategy to hit your specific needs.

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    Analyze & Optimize

    Through user tracking, A/B testing, and ongoing performance data collection, we can continuously optimize our creative execution and backend tactics to improve traffic and lead generation as we scale campaigns across channels and messaging territories.


Insight-powered scalability

Mabbly’s digital strategy is a methodical process that starts with research and a deep understanding of your brand, category, and history. We then codify these insights into a go-to-market roadmap plan that is executed across multiple channels to drive specific and measurable results. And we don’t stop there—we comb through reports to identify and continuously optimize your ads with smart reporting.


Whether it’s strategy, execution, or optimizations, every part of Mabbly’s process starts with understanding the data. We deliver such a strong impact by grounding our work in quantitative insights, allowing our team to realize key results for our clients.

Nikesh Patel, Senior Digital Marketing Lead at Mabbly


Building beautiful websites for our partners.

“Thank you all for your hard work. We couldn’t have picked a better partner to help us bring TLN to life. I hope you feel like TLN is yours, too, because it is. So grateful for each of you.”

Sarah Kellogg Neff, The Lactation Network

“We’re eager to continue working with [Mabbly] because they understand what we’re trying to do and are able to act on it. Their unique data-driven approach allows them to align with the client and really understand objectives.”

Dan Hogan, Tolmar

“Undoubtedly, Mabbly is as strong an agency partner as I’ve come across in my career. And, if an added bonus were required, they’re wonderful to work with.”

David Spreckman, Verano