Mabbly Cares

Mabbly Digital Marketing started, as many things do, as an idea from our founder Adam Fridman. After he realized (the day after receiving his Master’s degree) that corporate America was not for him, Adam decided his career interests lied elsewhere in the world of digital marketing.

Fast-Forward: two years later, and Mabbly found its place in the West Loop of Chi-Town. As a smaller agency in the city, our tribe works hard to stand out and provide our clients with the highest quality work. The City of Chicago is home to over 230,000 small businesses, and as part of that community, we wanted to put a spotlight on neighboring businesses that work just as hard as we do.

Mabbly hit the town to see which local business we could profile. After hours of walking in the recent Chicago rain, and some web searching, we found Live Grit, which labels themselves as “Chicago’s only laid-back triathlon store.” Live Grit has a very welcoming and hip vibe to it, decked out with bikes, triathlon gear, sportswear, and streetwear for men and women. A kegerator is also kept in the back to provide free beers for customers, which adds to the unique easy-going environment. We spoke with Gillian Fealey, the Owner of Live Grit, and she filled us in on the store’s beginnings and its dedication to being an active member of the Chicago community. The name Live Grit derives from the perseverance that is needed to achieve in all aspects of our lives, not just during triathlons. As a small business, Live Grit maintains a very active digital marketing strategy. Their goal is to build a strong online community of athletes by keeping Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and Instagram pages consistently updated.

One of the greatest aspects of many small businesses is their commitment to supporting surrounding communities in their own way. Though larger companies do their part as well, the CEO’s of the smaller businesses are usually the one’s actually out in the field, making personal contributions and connecting with people. This is what makes them special and even more valuable to large cities such as Chicago. Live Grit contributes through sponsoring athletes, hosting marathons, and providing a public run club in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.

As Mabbly continues to visit these places as customers, we develop a connection with the owners and employees, who begin to play a small part in our lives. The presence of these small business has a positive and lasting effect on us, bringing a unique sense of togetherness.
Mabbly cares about the small business community because not only do we love entrepreneurs, we know what it takes to create a thriving business from the ground up. Through providing a spotlight on the neighboring local franchises, we want to continue doing our part in keeping the public aware of the boutique stores, shops and restaurants that make our community and shopping experience so enjoyable. #DIGITALBRANDING