Tips on How to Produce the Best Video Content

The Internet era has revolutionized how marketing is done nowadays. One of the most popular mediums of Internet marketing is video. Video content at the moment represents more than half of all Internet traffic. It is, however, a tricky affair to grab all the attention of an audience to sit through your entire video. In most instances, the length of the video is inversely proportional to the attention it will be given. Therefore, to capture and maintain your viewer’s attention, your content has to be outstanding.

To enhance the quality of your video content and capture the required attention, carefully consider the tips that are going to be mentioned below.


Adequately prepare before you start shooting preferably a day or days before the actual shooting. This will ensure all loopholes are covered, and every requirement is in place to ensure the process goes on smoothly. After gathering everything and having a plan in place, ensure you create original content. Delve deeply into keyword and persona research to come up with optimal content for your target audience. Ensure the content you intend to produce has not been produced before lest your content will have little or no impact on the targeted audience.

Create a storyboard and come up with a good script and have extra shots, which will come in handy during editing. Look for outstanding actors to go through with this, take your time when looking for one, and plan time for reshoots in case of several laughs and mispronunciations. Find the perfect location for your shoot and set it up accordingly given that the audience will be keen on this.


Considering the fact that editing always takes up lots of time, try and work as close to perfection as possible to reduce this time. To achieve this, you need to take sound quality seriously. Get the best possible sound equipment to capture the best sound quality. Set up optimal light conditions to avoid overexposure and underexposure and remove any shadows.

For video stability, ensure you use a tripod stand for the best results. While at it, ensure your camera is in focus. Keep shots white-balanced to maintain evenness and neutrality. While shooting, strive to split your shots into thirds vertically and horizontally and place your subject off-center. This will give your shot a professional look that you would not have achieved with a centered shot.


Ensure you create the ultimate content for your target audience, leave no loopholes and thoroughly clean up the video. Bear in mind that the main agenda is to keep the audience interested. Therefore, you need to start with a bang, make it engaging, easily understandable and get straight to the point. Tell a compelling story and build momentum frame by frame.

If your video has speech, you can supplement it with video captioning to ensure the message is fully conveyed. You never know where a person who is watching is located. Patch up the edition with b-roll footage if available, or you can shoot more of the footage to add. Add soundtracks to add emotion to your video and cover up ambient sound where necessary. Ensure you do not use licensed sounds. You can get royalty-free music on the Internet on sites like Audioblocks.

Keep your video text simple by using a clear bold font and minimize the use of words in the video. Employ animations to capture the viewer’s attention. Have an idea on how the platform you are planning to use works before delving into editing. For example, YouTube videos count only after they have been watched for more than half a minute. You should, therefore, make it as striking as possible.