VIDEO FEATURE – Common Digital Marketing Mistakes That Businesses Make

Recently, our Head of Digital, Vlad Moldavskiy spoke at a bomond rendezvous event and shared his expertise about digital marketing, how to leverage the power of it in your core operational structure, and common mistakes to avoid when building and executing strategies.

Bomond exists as a Chicago-based company that puts on RSVP only events for entrepreneurs, innovators, and industry movers in tech, business, art, music, and more.

“If you don’t know why you exist as a business and if your employees don’t know why you exist or they’re not connected to that, it’s all going to be non-genuine,” said Vlad as he introduced the Start With Why framework that Mabbly has adopted after reading Simon Sinek’s book by the same title.

Listen to the entire talk given by Moldavskiy as he shares his knowledge on digital marketing, purpose, and business objectives.