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kick ass

We are stoked to offer an incredible opportunity to the brightest minds of Chicago. Mabbly is looking for truly unique people that want to prove they have what it takes to bring ideas to life. Our program matches baller-interns with other promising thinkers as they team up for weekly challenges, which will lead to an array of amazing experiences, access to the city’s top thought leaders, and insane weekly prizes.

At Mabbly, we believe in developing remarkable individuals, and what better way to do that than a hands on, fast-paced, meeting of the minds competition to determine who has what it takes to disrupt digital.

Come build your story in an unforgettable and invaluable internship program that you can tell for years to come as you enter into the business world. We’ve created an environment for driven creatives and seasoned professionals that come together to create, innovate, and disrupt the world of digital and beyond.

Class of 2017

Mabbly’s internship is an opportunity unlike any other. You get the chance to work on eight challenging projects in a fast-paced environment, which not only provides insight into your own strengths and weaknesses, but also shows you how to work with a team. The best part is getting to experience it all with eight other creative, talented, hardworking individuals who will challenge you and support you through it all.

- Diane Hogenkamp, Class of 2016 Intern

The Skinny

Interns will be selected to compete each week on innovative solutions for real companies. You will receive unprecedented training and access to Chicago’s business leaders. Unbelievable prizes will be rewarded to the winning team each week. Applications for the 2017 Internship program are closed, but we will be reopening applications in late August.

Added Benefits

  • College credit
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Training courses
  • Lunch and meals provided
  • Transportation stipend provided for 8 weeks
  • GoPro 4K
  • Career opportunities
  • Kick Ass Weekly Experience & Prizes