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As a leader in the workshop space, EY was experiencing a lack of follow through and application from their workshop audiences. To help solve this problem, Mabbly created an employee engagement technology solution, called ProHabits. With this solution, Mabbly became the design and technology arm for the EY-Sinek collaboration, selling services to senior enterprise executives and governments.

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EY is one of the largest professional services organizations in the world. They needed a technology solution that could scale their workshops and consulting services to Fortune 100 companies. Our technology solution, ProHabits, was designed and developed to empower the effectiveness of workshops.

UI Kits

UI Kits

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Complex Problem,
Simplified Solution

Mabbly built a sophisticated technology platform with a sleek enterprise-user experience. Our technology solution was built on REACT JS with its own API for enterprise delivery systems and reporting. The platform has a user-friendly CMS for EY to add additional clients easily on their own.

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EY-ProHabits has over 8,784 positive user reviews and an 82% user engagement rate. ProHabits has played a large role in helping generate millions of dollars in client revenues as a key differentiator in their product offering. EY has implemented the technology internally and created a People Advisory Services team to begin selling this technology externally, as a part of their Employee Engagement Solutions. Our teams are supporting the global rollouts.

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