A website with an orange and white design on a tablet and a phone.

Knowledge Services

Mabbly readily redesigned the business’s approach taking the business through a complete brand transformation. Mabbly studied the market landscape, getting to know the many nuances of the industry, and engaged in our data-driven creative strategy process to outline a vision for the brand.

  • Brand Identity
  • Website
  • Go-to-Market Strategy


Mabbly was tasked to reinvent the largest staffing and technology state government provider in the USA. The vision for the future-state model, independent workers in the gig economy is set. Knowledge Services has a rather complex business model and turned to Mabbly to help effectively communicate it in a way that that would be understood by both government executives and everyday job seekers.

Brand Identity:
The Beacon of Knowledge

Knowledge is power. This symbol is a beacon of knowledge. It is a flexible design element that adds a strong dynamic, wherever applied. It’s derivative from an “On Button” and is aligned with the position of technology enabled services.

A screen shot of a mobile app displaying the word procurement.
A tablet and a phone screen with a website design.
A mockup of a mobile app with a white background.
A laptop with a white screen and a phone on it.


In order for Knowledge Services to effectively communicate to their stakeholders, Mabbly redesigned their website desktop and native mobile apps. Mabbly was able to prioritize and structure the UI/UX of the website to meet the specific needs of each diversified user base. Mabbly felt deeply connected to this workforce management solution because it drove forward-thinking for state governments to innovate, increase transparency, and ultimately improve the lives of everyday Americans.



In the News

The executive team has been recognized by Indiana local governments and been awarded new land to build their new offices. Today the strategy, brand, product, and web are all in market and being utilized by the people who need it most. Today the strategy, brand, product, and web are all in market and being utilized by the people who need it most.

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