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Mabbly devised a content strategy that would create a community of supporters and give Microsoft’s team the voice they so desired. We designed, developed, and produced a web, mobile, and AppleTV series highlighting Chicago leaders and organizations who are making a difference in the civic technology space.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Software Development


Microsoft’s Civic Engagement team was fairly new, and looking for opportunities to experiment with how to bring citizens and government together through civic technology. The team recognized that Chicago’s status as a tech hub was growing significantly, making it the perfect candidate. But, to truly create an impact, Microsoft’s team would need a voice. They needed to build relationships locally, and to connect and collaborate with Chicago’s civic leaders and citizens.

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Our production process and the formation of a media hub allowed Microsoft Civic Technology leaders to engage with top thought leaders in the Chicago market and beyond. This series has been featured and syndicated by Microsoft Chicago as well as Microsoft’s twitter accounts with over 2 million views.

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“I’ve seen Mabbly move from this young, very motivated scrappy kind of an outfit to a very special kind of creative group who knows how to capitalize on their talent and knows how to capitalize on that creativity. Watching this growth has been absolutely fantastic. The formula that Mabbly uses is actually fairly simple, they have this fantastic creative platform multiplied by some really smart, talented, passionate people. It has enabled us to do things that you just don’t find on the market.”

Adam Hecktman, Microsoft,
Director of Technology & Civic Innovation

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