The pinnacle of the year for Okamura, the global giant in high-end office furniture, is the famous commercial design conference, NeoCon. Mabbly was tasked with dissecting and articulating the target NeoCon attendee for Okamura’s business, and creating a web exprience catered to that target. Under tight timelines and strict design guidelines, Mabbly curated, designed and developed the digital NeoCon exprience that resonated with Okamura’s executives and buyers alike.

  • Website
  • Content Development
  • Digital Marketing


NeoCon is short and intense. Okamura needed to capitalize on the costly foot traffic and translate that into digital visibility and a memorable web experience. The goal was to create a lasting experience that resonated long after the booths of NeoCon were taken down. This experience would generate leads and, ultimately, sales for Okamura.


Mabbly designed, developed and launched Okamura’s NeoCon web experience ahead of schedule and to the delight of Okamura executives. Harnessing the simplicity of Okamura’s designs, the web exprience showcased Okamura’s commercial design expertise in a succinct and direct manner.

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