How To Brand Your Company Through Video

Creating high quality video content is the new standard for brands hoping to build their audience. Studies show that more than half of all internet traffic is used by people watching videos. With YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms generating billions of video views each day, now is the time to take your video content to the next level.

Start With a Release Schedule

Setting a ScheduleThe first step to proper video branding is determining your company’s release schedule. Many people start by making a video and releasing it when it’s done, but you should do the opposite. Start with a reasonable release schedule and build your content around it.

Look at your video content as an extension of cable TV. Your audience should be able to anticipate your new videos the same way they get excited for hit shows like Game of Thrones. This is only possible if you have a consistent release schedule.

It may feel strange to compare your company’s videos with an action-packed TV show, but it works the same way. People tend to figure out which brands they can trust for entertainment and then reward those brands with their viewership. It’s the same for Microsoft as it is for HBO.

If you aren’t sure where to start, aim for one video per week. Upload it at the exact same time and day each week.

How To Brand Your Videos

Branding YourselfProper video branding on the internet is about making it feel organic. You want to repeatedly show off your brand in a way that doesn’t feel like a commercial. This is true regardless of what kind of content you make.

One example of effective video branding is The Needle Drop, Youtube’s most popular music review channel. The show’s host begins every video in exactly the same way, saying “Hey, Anthony Fantano here, the internet’s busiest music nerd.” Over the course of thousands of videos, fans have come to know and love this catchphrase. It’s a simple, memorable way to anchor The Needle Drop into people’s minds.

Alternatively, media gurus Chase Jarvis and Gary Vaynerchuk both have full title sequences for their videos, complete with graphics, music, and sound effects. This really blurs the line between TV and online video, turning their channels into continuous documentary-style shows about their lives. The title sequence is repeated at the start of each video, turning the branding into a memorable multimedia experience.

If you use a title sequence, make sure to include 5-10 seconds of unique pre-roll footage to hook the viewer before it starts.

Make Your Video “Audio Optional”

Audio OptionalYour video, and therefore your branding, will reach more people if it doesn’t require audio. When consumers see a video in their Facebook or Instagram feed, it automatically plays with no audio. If the user likes what they see, they can click the video to activate the audio.

You need to make your videos “audio optional” so that you can capture those views. This can be as simple as using closed captioning services to add text to your videos. If you want to be more ambitious you can collaborate with an artist to create visually intriguing content. Whatever you do, make sure your videos are interesting even when silenced.


Follow the strategies outlined in this guide to improve your company’s video branding. A little bit of work can lead to huge improvements in audience size, retention, and engagement. Focus on following a consistent schedule, using a catchphrase or title sequence, and making visually exciting content. If you do these three things, you will win the game of branding.